Is Feminism still needed in today's society?

Asked by: yomama12
  • Feminism isn't just for white people

    Yes, the gender pay gap. Yes, for all the opressed women. Yes, because people are ashamed for their boys to act like girls. Why? Because being females are still degrading in THIS YEAR. Yes, we still need it because a dress code allows boys to wear sexist and misogynic shirts and when girls wear shorts they are sluts-it's cause some teenage boy will cum in his pants if he sees leg. Well, damn you, stupid teenage boy, you're gonna have to learn algebra anyway. Maybe we need feminism because society still shames rape victims, and only about 8 rapists go to jail for even a day. We need feminism because males still get insulted about a movement associated with equality. Where are the 'men's right activists' fighting for male victims of abuse? Male Transgenders? Male victims of rape?

  • It has done good work, but is no longer needed in Western soceity

    Whilst it was necessary, it now stands as a vestigial remain of a society who need something to rebel against. There is no longer any legal rights that woman are bereft of, once again in Western culture. The only arguments that hold any water focus on societal issues, feminism still is not necessary in these cases as hate will always exist in any society, just as some few men hate women, some few women hate men. The only way to possibly cleanse everyone of any bias is to enforce a literal thought police, and whilst stigma against anyone is awful, it's also a lesser evil than a complete lack of freedom of thought.

  • Femenism is utterly bad

    Right now in the lives we all live in. Femenism are saying that all men are sexist, homophobic, racist and etc. that right there makes me puke cause it’s utterly bull crap, not all men are like that. I’m definitely not like that, I have loads of homophobic friends and I don’t harass or call them names, I respect their choice of them being gay but I’m not into that, racist; now kids wearing Halloween costumes is considered racist, utterly bull crap. It’s an Halloween costume! It’s something kids wear cause they like thier character too much! It’s not racist. Racist is when you talk bad about other skin toned humans like black. Sexist: here comes the most annoying thing of all hearing from a femenist. Sexist, more genders, gender less. Think logically people. We are men or women, nothing else! Your body is biologically build as either a male or a female! Yes you can be a transgender, have the mind of a girl but still have the body of a guy, it does not change the fact that your biologically a guy even tho your mind says your a girl! This is all simple biology nothing else. My message is that femenist forgot the word of equal rights, they now see men as thier main target and that is dumb, femenist if you read this go to men who are 100% real. And nothing else

  • Femenism should've died in America after the second wave.

    Femenism in first world counties such as America is not needed because women are already treated as equals.Rape culture does not exist, the wage gap could be proved wrong just by using your brain, and not all men are sexist, misogynistic pigs who walk around raping and catcalling every woman he sees. Not only has femenism just become a way women can complain, but it is becoming a way to take away men's rights as well as give women extra rights. Until men earn custody of their children 50% of the time, are not judged for doing things, are seen as crucial for raising a child, don't have their lives ruined for being accused of rape, don't get harsher punishment, and don't get shouted at by men and women alike for now everything they do, the world will never be equal again until femenism stops trying to ruin every man's lives.

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