• It depends on the context feminism is discussed.

    I think the most powerful way to ensure the for the TRUE feminist agenda to come into fruition is to stop looking at policy, and start looking at families. If we fail to recognize the realities of being - male or female - then our society will continue to be vulnerable to the lies that allow men and women to perpetrate the sexist ideas that plague American society.

  • Why is it needed?

    There are 0 institutions in the western World today that in anyway inhibits women's rights. Men and Women for all intents and purposes enjoy equal rights and freedoms. The rest if irrelevant. You can not change the way people feel or think, you can only change the laws . F f

  • Sexism is not based on ideas, it's discrimination.

    To say that sexist ideas plague American society is true, but it is for any culture. This addresses to both men and women, to say that this would result in the necessity for feminism is simply untrue. What America needs is a better schooling system for ignorance to be left, though this may come with its own set of challenges as well.

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