Is feminism still relevant in this day and age?

Asked by: CommunistRick
  • Still important in philosophy.

    I believe feminism as a women's liberation movement is still necessary. It's common that men are portrayed as the "default" and that women are a token variation, that stuff regarding men is the mainstream and women's stuff is segregated off as "chick stuff." Though any reasonable person will say that men and women are equals, few (if any) dare to claim that femininity is masculinity's equal. But nonetheless, it doesn't matter who's more oppressed by gender injustices. We just need to focus on the fact that they unfairly exist. So feminism could be a great tool to dissolve the issue of women being viewed differently.

    I'm really more of a gender-egalitarian, though. I just don't want my gender--or anyone's--to define, categorize, limit, or repress. Gender should become just another aspect of someone, such as height or eye color.

  • Feminism not relevant.

    Many feminists today complain about problems that are very minimal are almost non-existent. Many of them claim to be victims of some sort of "oppression" but in reality they have every right as men do , they can: vote, pick any career, have an abortion, and are guaranteed all other rights the constitution sets forth.

  • It is not, mainly..

    Feminism was a respectable movement in the past, and I believe that it has managed to sustain it's goal for a long time. However, when thinking of the modern times, females do have equal rights to males, and feminism now aims for the female superiority over men, not equality. So due to this reason, I think that it should've died long ago, in order to prevent more inequality between genders.

  • Feminists want equal rights, but what rights do men have that women dont?

    Feminists argue "I am a feminist because i want equal rights" but at least here in canada, there isnt one legal right that men have that women dont. However, women have birth rights and men dont. They say they want equality but they only care about womens issues. This has resulted in female privilage in many cases while men are now the inequal gender. Instead of focusing on womens issues or mens issues, why not focus on HUMAN issues instead?

  • I am no oppressed

    As a woman I do not, Nor have I ever found myself as oppressed. I know that sexism exists, But that's not something we can get rid of and it exists for both genders. After doing research I have concluded that sexism doesn't exist systemically anymore. . . Only on a personal level does it exist. That, In turn, Is up to you. . . It's a mindset. Are you going to be a victim? Or are you going to move on and realize, There will ALWAYS be inequality between the genders. . . ALWAYS. You know why? Because biologically we are different, And we cannot ignore that fact. That will create disparities among us. There are some things men are just better at doing, And vise versa. . . That does not mean women can't do those things and vice versa. There are barely any women in construction. . . That's because most women choose to not go into that field. . . But can they? YES. It's a matter of choice at this point.

  • Stop it please

    " These days it's perfectly okay to voice prejudice against men, it's actually politically correct to do so.
    60 years ago it was also normal to voice prejudice against other races... Prejudice is one of the major sources of basic unhappiness, social unfairness, and also death and wars.
    Feminism has evolved a righteous movement to erase prejudice against women to a movement that creates a brand new set of prejudices against men."

  • Nope. Not at all

    Feminism is the prime example of living long enough to see yourself become the victim. 3rd wave feminism is nothing more than a blatant hate movement where a bunch of narcissistic and self-entitled bitches whine about petty shit and male privilege, saying female privilege doesn't exist while ironically saying that privilege is invisible to those who have it

    Action>Words. Always

  • Feminism is outdated.

    In the past when women were constantly inferior to their husbands and lacked the right to vote, feminism was relevant. In certain countries where religions or cultural customs are oppressive to women, feminism is relevant. An afghan woman who has been a victim of true gender oppression under the Taliban is entitled to feminist attitudes and believes. In modern day America feminist is just wrong. Despite the racial and sexist hysteria the media perpetuates on a daily basis, America is a significantly progressive country. Yes, we have flaws in incidents of violence and discrimination, but there isn’t a single nation in the world that doesn’t suffer from the defects of basic human nature. As a country we have oppressed minorities and genders but instead of recognizing our progression we tend to let the past fester. If we strive for gender equality, the concept of feminism is actually hindering our progression. Feminist draw unnecessary attention to sexism and promote hypersensitive attitudes towards all things gender related. If we want to live in a world where men and women are seen and treated as equals we should stop letting feminism act as a divisive barrier between men and women. I am a woman and see feminists as hypocrites. Feminists feel victimized by sexism; however, they are more sexist than the average sexist male. Feminists are labeling an entire population of men as monsters. They are anti-men. They insult men who are successful CEOs, politicians, and leaders by crediting their success to an inflated societal view that men are superior to men. We can blame any individuals success on their advantage or being white or their advantage of being a minority. I am not saying that sexist people don’t exist, women aren’t objectified, and stereotypes don’t exist about women, but I am saying concepts like feminism and black history month is what keeps a barrier between races and genders. It is counterproductive to discuss women’s rights in 2016 when there are several institutions in place to prevent discrimination based on gender in terms of employment and college admissions. Women who blame the payment gap between men and women on misogyny are choosing to ignore the facts that statistically women are less productive as men. It is not because women have children it is supported by extensive statistical analysis. Do not forget, I am a woman. If I value female empowerment so much then I will be the CEO of my own company and start my own business so that I can rise about gender pay gap and determine my own income. Our country isn’t perfect and there will always be the occasional bigot. We need to understand as a country that intolerance is a character flaw instead of blaming all of society for being sexist. If you are an american women today who feels you are a feminist, please ask yourself why.

  • Realpolitik says no.

    There is nothing to gain from feminism any more. The day and age of feminism was when there were de jure inequalities in the system, such as females and minorities being unable to vote. De facto discrimination is something that is impossible to legislate about. If I were a businessman, and I was ordered by my dark masters to discriminate against a group, I could use the "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" sign, and make up flimsy justifications along the way. Of course, that would cost bottom line, and would be avoided, but theoretically, if I were in a discriminating mood, I'd do that. Of course, feminist businesswomen could do the exact same thing, so it works out.
    Tl;dr Feminism is no longer relevant, as all legal barriers have been removed.

  • It is a contradiction initself.

    Trying to end sexism, while itis a sexist group. While needed years ago as women's needed to be represented, they are obsolete now and only induce sexism and draw criticism on itself for its hypocrisy. What we need now are equalists who will fight fir all rights. Many feminists now, having nothing serious to fight for in first world countries continue to nit pick and complain

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VoiceOfConservatives says2014-01-20T17:49:41.887
Men and women are equal. That does not mean that they are the same by any stretch of the imagination.
KaleBevilacqua says2014-01-20T23:31:49.057
Men and women do tend to be different, but that doesn't mean they must be. Gender should not be used to define, categorize, limit, or repress.