Is Feminism too much about female supremacy(no) or is it a good organization to help spur equality for everyone?

Asked by: Franklai
  • To say otherwise is generalizing.

    The feminist movement is a large and diverse movement and saying that they are all dedicated to female supremacy is like saying every Muslim is a terrorist. Feminist movements have helped change the definiton of rape to include male victims and supported acts which would help prevent prison rape. On Vietnam, had we been allowed to "cut loose on those savages" I doubt there would be very many Vietnamese people left for Diem to oppress.

  • I believe that feminism has in the past and will in the future help minorities acheive equality.

    Equality not supremacy, females are just as gullible as males and just as power hungry, but they have the advangtage of the fact that they have recorded history of male supremacy failing. They know what supremacists do and they probably won't try something like that. I'm neutral on this issue but I am swayed towards them because of the fact that female compaigners have helped blacks become free citizens and helped the anti-vietnam war effort.

  • I have never met a single women that is willing to give up every single part of what only a women owns...

    There are many special previledges that only a women has and that is only special to their sex. There is no women alive that willingly gives up absolutely every aspect of whats makes a women different from the rest. Women do not jump in front of men to protect them from dangers. Women do not give up their seats for men. Lets find one item that only men have in society and that they expect from the other sex. We can find dozens of special treatment for women in society and that they will never offer up. So that means there are no true women for equality anywhere.

    Posted by: zoo
  • With the examples provided...

    Literally every modern feminist is a crackpot. The best example is their attack on Republican women. Carla Hill apparently isn't a woman, according to one organization. Feminist professors are introduced as "enraged", despite being reasonably successful. The Vietnam War was a SNAFU because we were hamstrung by our own leadership. Were we allowed to cut loose on those savages, the Commies would have been easily beaten in Southeast Asia.

  • Modern feminism is completely bias.

    Feminists don't talk about the rape that goes on behind bars, the injustice of men not getting jobs because there is not enough females at a company to meat a quota, and don't create an equal opportunity world by speaking for a single gender.

    How can people speak of equality when they stand behind a gender bias name?

  • From my vantage point it is.

    I can't claim to know all of feminism, or even most of it, but everything I've experienced of it has been very hate filled. The feminism I've seen only cares about woman. Men and their feeling and lives mean nothing to them. Men can't win with feminists because just for having the bad taste of been born male they are guilty their eyes, and everything men do or don't do is interpreted in a negative light. I'm sure that some feminists are different, but it's difficult for me not to see thing in light of my own experiences of it.

  • They smell like beans

    A lot like a scent i would smell in my kitchen almost like this bean like smell and it doesn't smell like something i want to smell so i very much agree with men even if i am one but us men smell each female and are too afraid to tell them they smell like beans

  • Feminism is Supremacy

    Don't get me wrong. I'm all for promoting equality among sexes (consider the wage gaps and other economic factors that corroborate the two). However, feminism is no longer about "equality." Today, it's feminine supremacy. It's not "females are of equal importance to men." It's "females are superior to men."
    Say, for instance, a man would get the door for a woman. She could respond in two different ways. A) be offended that a man thought she was incapable of opening the door herself or B) respond with gratitude because he symbolizes the granted wish that all females are treated as queens that must have doors opened for them.
    It doesn't make sense, and it never will. Feminism is just one of those things that started out with good intentions and ideas. Unfortunately, we twisted that entire concept, causing us women to fight for dominance over males rather than equality.

  • Gender discrimination is illegal

    Yet feminism is still here. Why? In a world where gender discrimination is illegal, there should be no feminists but only people right in the mind to want equality between genders. If that's what feminists want then I don't see them trying to change the stupid rule "You don't hit a woman" into "you don't hit a human being" as it would be normal. I don't see any feminist coming in the defense of a guy in ANY situation. How then can feminism be about gender equality? No, I think feminism(the normal one) is about women being respected and the other kind(the extremists) is about women dominating.
    There is NO gender equallity even so. At schools girls are made to do less at the sport classes for a good mark, women are not being drafted in times of war/crisis as men are, women have greater chances of receiving the child in the court, women, if they hit you and you have EVERY right to fight back in self defence will RARELY be taken by the police as a man would be. A slap from a men is a crime, a slap from a women is normal, how come?
    And I don't even buy the argument about women in other places being slaves, having the rights taken from them. YES they are and I want to know WHY aren't the feminists doing anything about it? Where is the protest for THAT instead of whinning about men getting paid more or other things? Isn't THAT more important?

  • It Used to be Good

    Feminism was needed in this country several decades ago when it was clear women did not have the same rights as men. In today's world however, it seems to me it is more about female supremacy and less about equality of the genders. There still are some good feminists out there who believe in gender equality. In that respect, I would even consider myself a feminist. Everyone should have the same rights and equal opportunity. Today's feminism from my point of view only zones in on women's issues, and completely ignores the issues men are facing in today's society. If you don't look at things from men's perspective in an equal ratio to women's perspective, you are not effectively working towards equality between the two.

  • Feminism has changed over the years.

    In the olden days feminism was much more about equality , for example the ford sewing machinists who protested for the equal pay act, but over the years feminism has changed, it isn't about equality anymore, it's about woman wanting supremacy over men, or 'special treatment'. Most woman nowadays claim to be 'feminists' but do they really know what it means? No. Also may I add modern feminism is not about equality for all.

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