Is Feminism truly fighting for the rights of both sexes?

Asked by: Austryker
  • I think so.

    I do believe that there are feminists out there that are actually fighting for equal rights for both genders. But because of what society and some people think of feminism, this is not in the light. But really if you want to think about real feminists doing what feminism actually is, think about feminism in third world countries.

  • Feminist organizations help men.

    Feminist organizations have been helping men in a variety of ways. They supported the development of LGBT rights as well as expanding the definition of rape to include men. Here is a quote from Charles Clymer who is an army veteran: "Feminists have always recognized the injustice of drafting only men, and as a man and veteran, that shows me they are just as much about men as they do women,"

  • In western civilization.

    Modern feminism has gotten to the point where it can be considered sexist in a veil of equality. It uses mixed up definitions of words such as patriarchy and rape culture to fear monger people into joining the movement. People minority also join it because feminism constantly tells them how much of victims they are and gets government attention. They lie about statistics such as the wage gap and campus rape by making broad studies such as averages or considering cat calling rape. They add to the victimhood pyramid and are able to blame straight white men for every problem, even making the #KillAllWhiteMan and excusing it as a joke, but unlike jokes about Anita Sarkeesian, #KillAllWhiteMen does not encourage violence or promote hate (sarcasm).

  • It's called feminism.

    Egalitarianism my friends, cares for the rights of all, It's not about men with feminists, except to point out how much more privileged they are. It's quite evident in their lack of critical thinking, proper citations, and disingenuous bigotry. When feminists claim they don't hate men, it's to cover their asses.

  • I am talking about modern femenism

    Modern Feminism or third wave feminism does not fight for the rights of both sexes. Modern feminism only takes into account women, and fails to police it's policy to ensure that they are fair to everyone. They stand to allow women into the military yet are not also fighting for women to be included in the draft. They fight against men who have sex with women who have drank because "she's not in a state of mind to make a rational decision" but do not think that the men are also in that state of mind. They stand for affirmative action. They do not recognize that men also have certain hormones that force them not to think fully rationally when the chance to reproduce is presented. Right now, women and men have equal rights. There is no need for either a feminist movement, nor a men's rights movement.

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abyteofbrain says2016-03-04T18:52:11.007
The word feminism says it all.
abyteofbrain says2016-03-04T18:52:21.350
The roots of the word feminism says it all.