• I need it

    Where is your proof?
    Proof shown about wage gap even taught in school.
    Rape against women still high as ever.
    I'm not a feminist but your two points had no back support.
    Many still do believe men are superior to women and many act on it just as yes we have laws against discrimination of race it still is here so is discrimination against women.

  • Feminism is not only helpful but necessary.

    Feminism is (Contrary to its title) not just about women. Feminism is also helping men out, by trying to rid society of unhealthy masculinity standards, It is also there to expose and destroy rape culture (which unless you live under a rock) has been all over the news with brock turner, trump, and even in our everyday lives. I know some women use the term feminism when in reality they are misandrists, and that distinction has to be made, real feminists, can be men, they are accepting of all women, cis or trans. They also are supportive of destroying gender roles.

  • Feminism is Completely Necessary

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  • Maybe once, but not now.

    Feminism was once for women's rights, which i have no problem with. But now it is just a man hating victim complex. Most of the arguments they have are wrong.
    Wage gap- Due to the choices women make and the actions they take.
    Rape culture- Rapists are despised in America, and rightfully so, but what the problem is that they hate the presumption of innocence. So they have created a system that ruins a man's life even with a false allegation.
    Domestic Abuse- They try to make Domestic violence a female problem. No it is not. Men get abused just as much.
    They also hate men:
    Toxic Masculinity
    They insult male victims of domestic abuse
    They shut down men's issues confrences
    They say men cant be raped
    Hashtags like Kill all men.
    They undermine fathers rights.
    How can they say they are for equality?

  • Modern Feminism is a Divisive Totalitarian Movement

    Feminism divides people by gender. The modern Feminist simply thumps their dictionary and says "nu-uh, look at my definition!", a movement is defined by how it defines itself, but the effects it produces on society. If Feminism is about equality between men and women, then Fascism is about uniting people together.
    In reality, although Feminism has produced some great philosophers like Mary Wollstonecraft and Camille Paglia, modern post-Dwarkian Feminism paints all men as rapists and all women as victims (something that makes Wollstonecraft turn in her grave). Although it was necessary in the past, modern Feminists do little more than whine and demand special privileges, such as the power of censorship.

  • Its simply useless

    It is completely useless in america, women have all the rights a man has. We dont live in a rape culture, the wage gap is a myth, and women are equal to men in all ways except physical. Feminism is not needed in america. At least not anymore, now its just annoying and kinda turning into a superiority thing, the defenition of feminism is

    "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men."

    what its turning into because women are already equal to men is

    "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic superiority to men."

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