• Do you want equality or are you upset with the way you were designed?

    I have a teacher who is an extreme feminist, and i find it disturbing. I naturally see everyone as equal because that is the way i have been raised but every since I have taken this class i have to hear her nag and complain all day about how women aren't treated fairly and have thousands of standards set upon them by society. Yes there are standards set but that's because its been that way since the beginning of time. Eve was only created so Adam would not be lonely. Eve was only created to produce offspring. The fact that my teacher is a women speaks volumes to me. She is a WOMAN with a JOB. If you ask me, i see this as progression. There are still people in this world who completely disregard women. The fact that women can even speak freely in america is huge compared to third world countries where women have 0 rights! There are more important equality issues at hand. Racism is still very much alive and well in the United states. Do the feminists fight for racism too? Do they present every statistical fact for African Americans and Mexicans trying to obtain jobs? No. Why? Because they are only thinking about themselves.They hate the role they were designed to play. Yes women can be powerful, but they will have to work twice as hard. So what? That's the way it is. You're aren't meant to do something so if you really want to do it then you should be willing to work twice as hard as a man. Being in a class full of feminists has made me strongly dislike them. Instead their purpose should be to make me see the so called 'wrong' that they suffer in today's society. No, what's wrong is having your head chopped off for speaking your mind. I dare you feminists to go to Iran and march and rally for " gender equality" . That'll be the last of you. What do i suggest ? Shut up and Get back in the Kitchen. -Every Man everywhere

  • Men and women will never be equal

    In my opinion, I think feminism is something that will never happen. For an example, it is often a mans “job” to do things like take out the trash, pick up the bill at restaurants, and open the door for women, but if we force it upon a women, were looked at as un-chivalrous or even get called a pig. So are we supposed to have all equality? No. Women can’t handle things that men can. Women can’t play football because they aren’t aggressive enough to make plays. And if they cant do a job as well as a man, I don’t agree with the fact that they should get paid the same, unless they do, and then I fully agree with that. I am not a women hater, I just think that God made women and men differently and gave men the authority to control the house and provide for his family. Now, women can have a vote and work, but unless they can do the same work that men can, as hard as men can, then they should not be equal. Another thing is, women can always call rape, even if it wasn’t. If a man gets raped, they just say that he liked it or good for him. I have a friend who got extremely drunk to the point that he didn’t even remember what happened and a girl got him into bed and had sex with him. Now if this was a guy doing it to a girl, he would be in jail with a 5 year sentence because that’s rape.

  • We need feminism

    Feminism is needed because america calls itself a democracy- yet women still dont have much power. For every dollar a man earns, a woman would only earn 78 cents. Plus, in the NFL, a fine/suspension/jail time is more for smoking marijuana than it is for any type of sexual assault. Thats why feminism needs to exist.

  • The pigs from animal farm.

    Women should be equal to men! By getting extra support and aid and by throwing male victims under the bus to prove a point! #equality

    Seriously, egalitarianism. It's blogs like misandry mermaid, people who want to blame men for every little thing that goes wrong. Women get raped more than men? Nope, try again. Wage gap? Fictitious. . #inequality

  • Beat a man, and he'll go to jail!

    I was raised by a feminist man hater, whom I did not realize was a feminist man hater until I was in my late 20's. It was only when I was told by my girlfriend (while I sat on her lap because she was too heavy to sit on mine) that "men are dogs and need to be on a leash". When I cried sexism, my mother calmly stated, "What? It's true." I left that girlfriend and moved out, and later discovered that my next girlfriend was playing Chess with me. Her move was to attack me with thrown knives, scissors and chairs, trying to get me to hit her so she could have something to hold over my head. I am not a violent man, and I do not ever want to hit anyone, male or female, if it can be avoided. But had I so much as defended myself, she would have called the police - again - to claim I had beaten her. (The first time it happened, the male/female police team who arrived sided with me and called her out as the liar she was.) Instead of hitting her, I moved out of my own apartment and left it to her to avoid jail time because of the stupidity of our feminist (read: sexist) laws concerning domestic violence. Her response? "He abandoned me, what a horrible man he is!" Now her family, who knows how violent she can be, hates me. None of this would be possible if it were not for feminism. Gender equality is a noble goal, but this is not it. Feminism perpetuates sexism. If it was really about equality, it would not focus on women OR men, but GENDER EQUALITY. Sadly, it does not. And we are all paying for it. "Feminists" just haven't figured this out yet because they're usually too busy screaming about the inequalities they have to invent to remain relevant in some parallel universe. Feminism's original goal, equality, is not something I disagree with. But that goal was reached and surpassed long ago. Now it's about hating men and inventing reasons and ways to attack them, openly and subtly.

    It's time we stopped trying to attack one another and understood that men and women are one anothers' balance, and they need one another. That is gender equality.

  • No Longer Necessary

    Yes, there may be a one or two sexist things left, like lower salaries for women for example. That is the only thing I could think of when writing this. It comes to show that women no longer need feminism to better their lives. There is no "masculism" or anything similar. Plus, many of the things feminism was created to stop is not exclusive to women. It just isn't something we need.

  • I am a man. Just hear me out on this.

    Feminism is exactly as it sounds. FEM. Meaning women. The original goal of feminism wasn't to be better or have more opportunities than men, but be equal to men. This has changedinto women growing increasingly hateful, and spouting the same sexism feminism was created to disband.


    The idea behind feminism is still valid. In my opinion it should be called feminism, but EQUALISM. Your pay shouldn't depend on your gender or color or religion, but rather how hard you work. We are all equal in the sense that we are all human.

    It's about time we act like it.

  • Feminism is not always wrong but sometimes feminists go to far

    If a female politician said that men always talk over women, nothing bad would happen to her. If a man said women are always interrupting men, he would get in big trouble and would have to apologise. Sometimes feminism goes to far and they ignore men's rights just so women become more powerful. If everyone is equal in basically all western countries (UK, US, France) why should we need feminism, and why isn't here some form of 'masculinism'

  • Feminism....Is not wrong, it's just not practiced correctly

    Fighting for something you believe in is never wrong. There have been many accounts in history of such actions. This being said, hating a gender and or thinking you are better than someone isn't right. I think of it with Martin Luther King jr. He didn't fight for equality with the slogan "WE ARE BETTER THAN THESE WHITE PIGS AND THEIR WHITE PRIVILEGE". He believed that professionalism and non violence would be enough, and to this day he lives a legend among those who want equality. That being said, women deserve all the rights men do.

  • Feminism is Wrong

    There is no argument about men having unfair advantages. There is no comparison if a man is working as hard as he can and making $200,000 a year, and a woman is working as a teacher and making sub-$30,000. Most women don't have as advanced majors and degrees to work the high level positions that men work. Most women don't have to bring in the key supporting pay check for the family. A lot of women chip in, but most women in the US do not pay the mortgage. The men of the family have to pay the insurance bill/s (which have increase in monthly costs because of Obamacare); they have to pay the utilities bill, some people might have to pay for their kids to go to school. But my point is, that if women had the same degrees, and worked as hard as men, they will get paid the same amount of money for their work. But, most women are married and don't have to bring in a paycheck as large as their spouse. All that matters is if the wife is helping out, and making money less tight for her family. Most women work for other people too. A lot of men own their own companies, and the money they make is based on how hard they work. Therefore, because women work for other people, feminists say that the boss chooses to pay them less, which it totally untrue.

    But, I think there is a cause and effect relationship between the weight of a woman, and the likeliness of them being a feminist.

  • Women are people

    This is a note to any woman who opposes feminism:
    do you want to not be able to vote? Do you never want to wear trousers or anything above the knee?
    Could you ever want a divorce?
    Do you want to be assaulted?
    Is the answer no? I should bloody well think so. Anyone who opposes feminism is casting down their own gender for, by definition, feminism is the argument for equality for all sexes.
    So please, any women who oppose feminism, please feel free to never have a say in any important issue again, never be able to wear what you want, never be able to be rid of an abusive partner and if you ever get assaulted feel free not to do anything.
    Thank you.

  • No, feminism is not wrong. It is a political and social movement that seeks EQUAL treatment of women and men

    People need to realize then feminism, misandry and matriarchy are three very different things. Matriarchy is identical to patriarchy, with the exception that the roles are reserved and the woman is the authority figure, feminism does NOT support that. Misandry is the expression of hatred towards the male gender, feminism does NOT support that, either. Feminism strikes to correct some very obvious and toxic treatments and social beliefs towards women until they are equal to men. It is very simple. The reason why this movement was named 'feminism' is that women are considered to be mistreated more in comparison to men. It is much like racism towards black people. Misandry does exist, but it does not hurt men socially or politically. While misogyny has caused not only the mistreatment of women but also the lives of women. Admittedly, there are people who call themselves 'feminists' in order to excuse their sexist actions, but this percentage is very minor and the whole movement should not be brought down because of the mistakes of minor.
    Feminism is needed for plenty of reasons. It is a problem that in rape, the woman gets hate for being to 'provoking' or wearing inappropriate clothes, no is no. Women don't say no and they mean yes, they say no because that's their answer. It is also a problem, that young girls are being sent home from school because of wearing shorts, boys' education is not more important than a girl's education.
    Feminism also benefits men. Society treats men like they are animals, it's their 'hormones' they say, 'they can't help but think of sex' or the most irritating phrase 'boys will be boys". This actually underestimates men's intelligence. Such words allude that men only seek sex and are willing to commit rape for it. Such words allude that men are not capable of handling and restraining themselves. Feminism also seeks to bring down all those patriarchal opinions that men should constantly prove their masculinity and never shed a tear.

    Feminism is a movement that strikes for equality.

  • We deserve not to be seen as sexual objects!

    This isn't a debate statement. This is more of a "here's the b.S we get from men" statement. I cannot stand when a news story says that the woman/girl deserved to be raped because she was drunk/high/wearing something provocative/leading him on/saying provocative things. I don't think that what we wear/say/do should be limited. If a guy is drunk/high/leading someone on/ wearing something provocative he won't be raped, because he's a guy and that's what guys do. It's not our fault that men aren't taught that women aren't sexual objects.

  • Feminism is not wrong.

    Feminism is the belief in equality for both genders. It is the same basic right that all people should have. If you don't agree that all people, no matter the gender, race, or religion should have this right, I pity you. Maybe you should know both sides of the story before you make an argument against something. Ignorance is bliss in your situation.

  • It Is Not

    Feminism is not wrong because it shows the importance of women. Since men have always had the upper hand in everything, women should the right to things that men have. Sure, men should have importance too, but women have always been discriminated because of feminism. Feminism is important to women.

  • Feminism is for equality, not hating men

    Feminism is a movement that wants equal rights for everyone. Feminists look to stop problems such as rape culture (for both men and women), acid attacks, women and girls being denied things such as an education based off their race, men having to live up to this standard of "manliness" in society, the wage gap, making sure people of color, transgender and lgbt+ people get the same rights. They don't hate men. It is not at all about that. It is about getting equal rights. Equal treatment. It isn't about hating men.

  • Feminism Is EQUAL rights... Get your facts right.

    Since all of you here have a computer, you can google feminism. Its not to hate against men, its so help bring women equal to men. The debate is the fact that men are scared that they are going to lose their rights as women gain theirs. However, that is not the case. Feminism is not ignoring the issues men have faced-they are focusing more on the fact that women are majority discriminated. In todays society feminism is a must. Everyday women are being discriminated against without them even knowing. Girls grow up knowing its safer to give a guy a FAKE phone number than to turn it down.... Yeah nothing is wrong there. They are taught that its better to tell a guy you have a boyfriends then to say your not interested. People who don't support feminism ask the women in your life why they shouldn't be equal with you. There is a difference between feminism and misandry.

  • It's Time for Change

    Men have been at the for front of the "Civil Society" for to long, the biggest issues that feminism is trying to tackle is gender equality , Yes there are "Man Haters" but yet there are "Women Haters" as well, there are women who are in this fight for the wrong reason and try to branch them to the wrong thing. Women in the household or workplace should BOTH have the same rights and opportunities as the men that surround them. Free Birth control, #FreeTheNipple , etc. aren't what feminism was built for. People find ways to exploit everything.

  • Why attack a movement that supports both sexes

    Women are oppressed, feminism is not the victimization on women, it is a movement to empower people to define, establish, and defend equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women. Radical feminist who attack men and wish to be superior are not true feminist. It is beneficial to both genders those who believe feminism is a movement that discriminates men have not been exposed to genuine feminism.

  • I am a man. Just hear me out on this.

    Feminism is exactly as it sounds. FEM. Meaning women. The original goal of feminism wasn't to be better or have more opportunities than men, but be equal to men. This has changedinto women growing increasingly hateful, and spouting the same sexism feminism was created to disband.


    The idea behind feminism is still valid. In my opinion it should be called feminism, but EQUALISM. Your pay shouldn't depend on your gender or color or religion, but rather how hard you work. We are all equal in the sense that we are all human.

    It's about time we act like it.

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Whatisthis11 says2018-06-21T01:02:18.397
Hi, Feminists have to face the facts that men and women have different hormones so men are not as caring as women thus making women better for taking car of children and men have more hormones that give strength and muscles thus making it more suitable for me to be doing heavy work. This whole Adam and Eve stuff is garbage and does not even pose an argument although my opinion, Eve screwed up mankind and women should pay for making man mortal. Educated civilized men do not view women as sexual objects although when u dress up in really revealing clothes, you expect not to get men interested, it's human nature.