Is feminist ideology correct (yes) or incorrect (no) in today's contemporary society?

  • I think that feminist ideology is correct.

    I think that feminist ideology is correct. Women have been held back for far too
    long. Women can do anything that men can
    do. Feminist ideology is necessary in order
    to reprogram the minds of women who have been brainwashed for many
    centuries. Women need a new education in
    order to make things equal.

  • Feminist ideology is always correct.

    There can be no debate about whether or not feminism is correct or incorrect, because we know it's correct and we know it's needed. The only thing that I can find "wrong" with feminist ideology at any point is that certain males in society don't like it, because for once they're forced to stop and think before they act.

  • Feminisit ideology has not gone far enough.

    You may not have noticed it, but there are some truly ugly things happening in the world, including the United States, when it comes to women and protecting their rights. Now more than ever, we need a strong and outspoken feminist ideology to counter men who still think that it's okay to treat a woman differently, exploit her, or commit violence against her.

  • No, feminists are over the top.

    No, feminist ideology is not correct in today's contemporary society, because today's feminists have gone far beyond what early feminists set out to achieve. Initially, feminists just want the right to vote and the right to own property. Now, feminism means aborting children, government sponsored contraception, and equal pay for long maternity leaves. This is not equality, it is favoritism.

  • Feminist Ideology has no place in today's society.

    No, I do not believe that feminist ideology is correct in today's world. The differences between men and women in business and personal life is evident and that is because we are inherently different. The rights of women advance and so forth should be fought for, but at some point the feminist ideology becomes somewhat of sexism toward men. We have to be careful with this issue or it may morph into another issue.

  • It's horrible teachings

    Are stupid and irrational, modern western feminism is pointless and not needed, if the were so interested in equality why not take them to Saudi Arabia to protest in the street about women not driving, western women and feminists could never handle the oppression that women in the Asia and Africa face.

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