• Yes, I Think It Is, or At Least in Some Fields of It

    I've been trying to write books, and a quick internet search often reveals to me that my idea is not original at all, but that it has, in fact, been used by 10 different authors. I've had to scrap more than one idea because of this.
    HOWEVER, I have managed to come up with a few almost completely original ideas.

  • Fiction has no limits.

    Fictions and creativity don't have any limits. There may be more and more stories that are sort of repeated and borrowed from, but there will always be authors that display a great amount of talent. Authors may create entirely unique stories or they may borrow from others but adapt them in ways that no one has ever thought of before.

  • No it is not.

    Fiction is not reaching its creative limits in fact it has gotten bigger and better with each passing year. Every person is unique and thinks different than the other person creating even more chances for a creative fiction universe. Everyone has their own taste and ideas, it has gotten better.

  • No it is not.

    Fiction is just that, fiction, so that means that it is only limited by the person who is creating it. There will always be new ideas and new ways to get those ideas across. There is not limit to the creativity of mankind and those who choose to write fiction.

  • No, fiction is an endless genre

    Fiction knows no bounds as it is a product of the human imagination, which has limitless potential. As soon as mankind thinks it has reached it limit and seen it all, something new always comes into focus. A creative new way of looking or thinking about something. The human mind is unique in that it can take in old ideas or stories and be inspired to transform them into something completely new and different.

  • Fiction can never reach a limit.

    Every person who creates a fictional story is different and has gone through different circumstances. And, as the world changes, this will continue to happen. Fiction is each persons imagination, laid out on paper and shown to the world. Will art ever run out of ideas? I don't think so. And fiction is art

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