• Why?Are you kidding me?!

    FIFA 13 is better because you can play a different style of play (and can game with short passes and long passes), while in FIFA 14 can be a lot easier to play styles with long passes, which of course does not go into the hands of players playing style of Barcelona , Bayern Munich, Spain or Arsenal.FIFA 13 or better, and in terms of maneuvering, while the FIFA 14 has virtually no sense dribble.Almost maneuvering every attempt ends in failure, the defensive players seem much superior to the attackers and especially attackers who are weaker in touch game.

  • Beacause it's the truth!!!

    Since the Fifa 14 Update the game isn't enjoyable anymore, Crosses,Trough Balls, and NO Skills!!
    Fifa 13 is probably more "paceabusiv" than Fifa 14 but on the good side the Defenders aren't such stupid than in 14!!
    I would deinstall Fifa 14, if i would haven't paid anything for it ( i play on PC), but so i try every few days my luck in 14, without succes. :(((

  • Yes, FIFA 13 is faster and better than FIFA 14

    FIFA 13 is a much better game then FIFA 14. In my opinion, FIFA 14 has way too many flaws and errors and was released before it was free of errors. In FIFA 13, every player statistic is available to read, however, in FIFA 14, you have to wait for this information to be collected. FIFA 14 system menu often lags and/or fails. The menu in FIFA 13 is very quick compared to FIFA 14. I believe EA has gone destroyed what they had as an awesome game and should revert back or fix the issues before release of another game.

  • Abslolutly more enjoyable.

    The FIFA 14 haves a terrible problems of ball control, And the hándicap in carrer mode is so disgusting!!!. The goalkeepers some times are omnipresent like god, and its imposible to score, keeping 10 or 20 shots to goal, and no one goal. The only way to enjoy fifa14 its skilling,skilling,and skilling, and that's not football!!!!.

  • Cv draft. Highly.

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  • Fifa 13 is beter

    Fifa 14 is too slow in dribbling a d turning.. You cant even dribble through defenders unless you have editted your players.. One-on-one's are difficult in fifa 14. The easiest way to score is using crosses or when you rurn off Offsides.. Works best for teams like buyern tht have players with good header accurancy
    Defence is really good beter than 13 but players react too slow.

    Overall.. FIFA 14 SUCKS

  • FIFA 13 is better. It's more enjoyable and fun.

    In fifa 14 it's to easy to get past defenders and it gets boring. FIFA 13 is harder to. Although it's to easy to score headers. Also it's harder to beat keepers in a one on one situation which isn't very realistic but overall fifa 13 is better. The graphics aren't mich worse either. It's just a more enjoyable and fun game

  • FIFA 13 is better

    FIFA 13 is a fast-paced game that keeps your attention...FIFA 14 on the other hand is slow. Also, FIFA 13 has that right balance between a football game and real life. I found FIFA 14 a bit too realistic. I play on my PC, and according to me, FIFA 13>FIFA 15>FIFA 14.

  • I found FIFA 13 much more enjoyable

    I think it's best to compare the areas that FIFA 14 improved on 13 to those where it felt as though it went back a few steps.

    -AI gave fouls far more realistically
    -It was a lot more challenging, defensive pressure was much better from the opposition AI
    -The roster updates are an obvious benefit

    Areas that declined
    -Player movement (turning, first touch) felt far more restricted - 13 was like driving a mini, 14 was like driving a truck
    -Too easy to score headed goals from corners
    -AI teammates less intuitive - Would too often get caught offside, or would not move towards a ball passed towards them
    -Keepers were a very difficult to beat in one-on-one opportunities

    I think the player movement really turned me off FIFA 14. It was so much harder to control and therefore link running and passing plays together. The increased defensive AI difficulty was good, but compounded this issue more.

    Fortunately there still enough people playing FUT on 13 for it to still be enjoyable, so will stick with 13 for now.

  • Obviously, FIFA 13 is Better!

    FIFA 14 has terrible AI. When you pass the ball to a player on your team, the ball gets intercepted due to delayed movement from player you are passing to.
    FIFA 13 on the other hand has AI that responds according to where they are placed on the field, and they react well.

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  • Both are same

    There are so many good things in both the games like graphics skills tackles crosses and strikes etc .In my opinion FIFA 13 is not better than
    FIFA 14.I have this game called FIFA 14.I didn't think that it was bad by its graphics and players .COPYCAT OF FIFA 14

  • No, they are similar.

    No, FIFA 13 is not better than FIFA 14, because they are both good games. All of the FIFAs are realistic, but they are each unique in their own way. I cannot imagine not having both of them. They are both fun games and neither is particularly better than the other.

  • FIFA 13 is not Better than FIFA 14

    No, FIFA 13 is not better than FIFA 14 as both games are essentially identical, barring roster updates. As such, game play is identical and so are graphics, as both games use the same engine. FIFA 14 may be considered slightly better, since it does feature the updated player roster.

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