Is Fight Club is the best anarchism movie of all-time?

Asked by: Babeslayer
  • This Movie just good!

    Well the main message of this movie is good, the movie overall is a work of art from it's subliminal massages, acting (Brad Pitt and Edward Norton rocked,) it's massage, and last it's controversy, it was a movie proposed to be banned for it's views so it had to make a clear message that some people didn't like (so was the book, it's ready good read it!)

  • Fight Club is the best anarchism movie of all-time.

    Ed Norton and Brad Pitt give an amazing performance that shows just how outrageous consumer culture has become in the modern world. Their message of anarchy is timeless, and stands as a warning at the beginning of our century of what we might become if we don't consider the true meaning of value and worth.

  • Fight Club is Great

    I can't say I've seen every movie there is but I can say Fight Club is right up there as one of the best anarchism movies there are. The message it sends and the way that it sends it makes for not only a great message for society but a great movie.

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