• Terrorism isn't democracy

    Democracy isn't democracy if it's used to kill others. There are some things that are fundamental truths. One of those things is not to kill innocent people. Killing innocent people is no more justified just because a bunch of people voted to kill others, or to even tolerate people who do in their society. It's important to destroy whatever is necessary in order to stop terrorism.

  • Yes, I believe that fighting terrorism is worth destroying democratic rule.

    Yes, I believe that fighting terrorism is worth destroying democratic rule because terrorism is attacking the foundation of democracy. These individuals don't believe in the freedoms guaranteed by democracies. I believe that in extreme cases, democratic rules must be compromised in order to stop terrorists because millions of lives can be at risk.

  • Fighting Terrorism is not worth Destroying Democratic Rule

    Fighting terrorism is a very important thing to do. Many are threatened by terrorist acts. However, taking away democratic rule is not the answer. By denying the rights of individuals and by ignoring the majority, the terrorists still win. There has to be a better way to combat these enormous threats that does not harm a citizens rights and freedom.

  • No, fighting terrorism is not worth compromising democracy.

    No, fighting terrorism is not worth destroying democracy. Considering more American citizens are killed daily by gun violence than have been killed by terrorism, there are far greater dangers in our society. Furthermore, the idea that democracy and safety are mutually exclusive is a false conception, put forth by those who would benefit from taking away Democratic rights.

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