• It takes energy and is competitive

    Figure skating takes a lot of physical strength, flexibility and endurance. I am personally a figure skater and can confirm that a 3 minute program takes more energy than it does to run for 15 minutes. It is artistic but still a sport. I consider it as both a sport and an art.

  • I have always had a dream of going to the olympics

    Oui,jepense que j'aime the fromage.Le plus bonne fromage du monde est le fromage bleu.C'est delitieux est ca pue.J'aime aussi the fromage orange.Je n'aime pas the fromage jaune.C'est trop reguliare.Ca cest pourqoi figure skating is a growing sport because it is way better than wreseling will ever be that is my argument.

  • My life is ice skating!!!

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  • Popular Athletes Become Celebrities

    Popular athletes in figure skating continue to be professionals at their sport such as Michelle Kwan. Other people such as Brian Boitano became a chef after figure skating finished. More and more cities have ice skating rinks, so the popularity of the sport continues to grow. With Twitter and other social media allowing celebrities to connect with fans, figure skating will continue to be popular, especially in Winter Olympics years.

  • No, figure skating is not growing sport.

    Figure skating is not a growing sport. In fact it will probably never be a growing sport in the United States. This is because most of the country never gets cold enough to allow for ice skating. Due to the fact that people can not participate in this sport, it will never grow.

  • No, I don't think that figure skating is a growing sport

    I don't think figure skating is a growing sport anymore. I definitely believe that it was more popular in the 90's rather than now. Figure skating is not what it used to be, because it can't generate that much money on a global scale. I believe it is meant more for people with wealthy and entitled families, because seldom do you see a person of average income figure skating.

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