• FOR now finding oil is a good thing

    It will always probably be a good thing to find oil. Let's just hope we can weed ourselves off of it as much as possible. Oil is deep below the Earth's surface for a reason. It is obviously bad for the Earth on the top side. Hopefully, we will figure out a way to make cars run off of something more clean besides oil. We will probably always need to have a little bit around though.

  • Oil is key

    Finding oil is key to our free society. Without oil we would have to lean on other countries to supply us the energy that we need to run our country. The other countries can hold us hostage and charge us high prices for the energy. It is much cheaper to drill in America.

  • Yes,finding it is a good thing

    i guess it really depends on where the oil is. The extraction of the oil is a different story. The hard facts are, we need oil to survive. This will change in time,but right now we are fossil fuel dependent. If we think that is going to change anytime soon, its not. Long story short, oil is fine for now.

  • It is not.

    Finding oil is not a good thing. While it may bring down gas prices for a little bit that is not a great benefit. Finding oil only makes it harder for people to start funding better energy sources that are renewable such as solar power, wind power or anything else.

  • Finding oil is dangerous

    Finding oil is a dangerous thing, because when it is found the first thing that is wanted to happen is to extract it. The extraction of oil is dangerous because of the harmful effect that it can have on the environment that is found on. The extraction of oil can also lead to the destruction of the natural habitat and may even cause the extinction of some endangered species. The world is dependent of fossil fuel and that is need to be changed.

  • Not Any More

    I do not believe finding oil at this point is a good thing. I believe we have tapped out the majority of our sources and we are now trying to get more at the expense of the planet. Oil is something we need to be moving away from at this point, so when we find more, it seems like a discovery that stops us from going in the needed direction.

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