• If you like it and it's fun. . .

    Then do it! You can't make people like things they don't, And the opposite is true as well.

    I don't fingerboard. I was intrigued, Came looking, And found this. Now I'm just writing to fill up the space. Eleven more worded needed. Here we go, Five, Four, Three, Two, One.

  • There's no point

    I'm fine with other people liking it, but I don't get the point. All you do is move your finger and push a skateboard. It's not entertaining at all. Seriously, I don't get why a person would even try. I did it for 30 seconds and I got bored and threw the mini board away.

  • It's honestly a novelty

    If you like it, that's fine but to me, I don't get it. I tried fingerboarding for at most 7 minutes. Afterwards, I got bored and gave up on fingerboarding forever. Maybe it is fun for others but at least for me, it's not stimulating at all. It's something I would only do if I was locked in a empty room for an hour.

  • It is a regular hobby.

    It takes a lot of time and a good amount of patience also dexterous fingers to do this kind of activity however trivial it may seem to be. I watched other kids back in the ninties spend hours and hours doing this instead of their school work. It is not stupid at all.

  • Fingerboarding is just as weird as chess club.

    It's something to do. It's something to control your energy into and is really fun once you understand how to do tricks and ollie. Some people marvle at how me and my friends can ollie onto things. Some people are like "Really, you just have to do that here." We just ignore those people because we know it's not stupid and we know they couldn't do it if they tried. If you're sick and you cannot actually skate outside, then fingerboarding is great. Same with if it's raining outside and you don't want to destroy your board, just go fingerboard. It's just something fun to do and for those who think it's stupid, It's just as dumb as any other hobby.

  • It's not stupid.

    You can feel just as proud of yourself for landing a trick on a fingerboard as you can on a real board. If you land a kickflip to 5-0 on a real deck, you feel good about it. Wouldn't you feel good if you landed it on a fingerboard? For all you people out there who can't land it on a fingerboard, you would be proud if you could, believe me.

  • It's just a hobby

    Finger boarding can be perceived as strange to most people, but in reality its just a pastime. It is true that a lot of people take it to seriously, and it can be a little ridiculous at times, but most of the people that do it skateboard anyways and it is just a secondary hobby to them. As for you two, how can you form an opinion on something when you haven't even put an inkling of effort into it in the first place?

  • Fingerboarding isn't stupid

    It's just hobby and it's not that easy what it looks like. It's difficult and its not just kids toy! Think if you are skateboarder and you failed so badly, you cant never walk again. Then you want to skate and you get a fingerboard and you notice its awesome. That happened to my friend!

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