• Yes, flag burning should be a federal offense and crime

    When you burn the flag of america, you are telling people that you could really care less about the men and women who have lost their lives fighting for our country. They died for the flag and for me and you and we should respect our troops, our president, our flag, and our country.

  • Yes its a criminal act

    There are many things people say about flag burning; whether its legal or not, people still do it because that’s their way of "protesting." If they really want to protest then do it with something you are actually protesting against, not something that gives you the right to protest. That’s like someone giving you a million dollars and you protest against the person giving you a million dollars but yet you still use the million dollars, even though our flag is worth more than a million dollars. Our flag represents more than just the 13 colonies and our 50 states, it represent all of our soldiers dying over seas, and all of our history our country has been through.
    People think it should be legal to burn the flag because its considered freedom, well I think that’s plain out disrespectful. Yes people think its just a piece of cloth, or we get the freedom to do it because of the first amendment which is freedom of expression. What those people don’t realize is that when you burn the flag its like burning our amendments which gives you "the right to burn the flag." So if you really think about it your burning your rights so therefore you cant burn the flag because there is no freedom of expression.
    Freedom of speech has nothing to do with burning a flag, freedom of speech gives you the right to protest and voice your word but burning the flag is not speech is a disrespectful action against the United States as a whole. When you burn our flag you are showing that you disagree with our government and every single person in the United States weather you realize it or not. You are not making a point to anyone you are making yourself look like you never learned anything in school about the flag.
    Yes the right way to retire a flag is by burning it but everyone doesn’t always take it in that way they think its perfectly okay to burn a flag that is in perfectly good condition, when it has no rips or has never touched the ground. That’s what people think is not okay to do it's that people don’t do it to retire a flag but they do it in disrespect. That’s when our government or our law officials should put their foot down and get the people doing it a heavy fine. There for should be considered a criminal act

  • Yes flag burning is a criminal act!

    Flag burning is a criminal act, i don't believe that people should be put in jail for it but a heavy fine would be nice. My family members are in the military and are over seas in IRAQ and Turkey they are out there putting their life on the line for the flag and making sure you guys get the freedom to do whatever you want but only to an extent!

  • Yes flag burning should be a criminal act

    Considering what the flag means to america i believe that flag burning should be illegal. First of all all of the Americans that fought for the country whose flag it is respect the flag. If you agree with flag burning you agree that not only is the country not worthy of your respect but that those who fought for our country are stupid and should have just stayed at home and played video games all day long. So to all of you who think the american flag should be burned tell that to the first soldier you see walking down the street.

  • It is not.

    This has to be one of the things that baffles me the most. To hear that the simple ignition of a specifically designed fabric, is even comparable to rape, kidnapping and murder is ridiculous on all levels. As long as no human being is physically suffering because of another human being, there is no form of criminal activity.

  • No, I believe it is freedom of speech.

    Question, what would people do in America if they witnessed someone burning Mexico's flag? Or perhaps Canada's flag? In my opinion, we wouldn't really care. America has become so beyond ethnocentric with itself. Now I in NO way agree with flag burning period, but if you believe it should be made illegal, make ALL flag burning illegal.

  • Many people retire the flag through burning it, as a sign of respect.

    If we go to the very heart of the issue, burning things is not immoral. When did we decide that fire automatically meant bad things? If we did, I am not aware of that chapter in the bible/law. Burning things can be a refining process, it can be used to Roast hot dogs, burn your homework at the end of the year, and all of these things are not criminal. When a flag is old and ripping and worn, how do we respectfully get rid of it? Many people use fire. Although, because humans can be evil sometimes, it is of course possible to burn a flag with disrespect. But taking away our right to express is not the right action. Just as taking a gun is not the right action to take to insure safety. Instead we must make it illegal to kill someone. Or to threat the president while burning a flag. The actual burning of the flag SHOULD NOT be criminal.

  • No it is not

    I believe that flag burning is not a criminal act.
    Having ones own opinion comes under freedom to express.
    People are not harming any person or living being by burning just a mere flag.
    Can any countries respect is so small that just by burning a flag it looses its own respect ?
    I don't think so. I think those countries are great who give their people right to freedom of expression . Whether their behaviour comes under violation is a separate issue , but flag burning is definitely not a criminal act until their person is not harmed by their action

    Posted by: sans
  • No it is not.

    Burning the flag falls under freedom of expression. People always say we should be thankful for our freedoms because our Founding Fathers and veterans fought so we could have them. Well, they gave us the freedom to burn the flag, whether it is an agreeable action or not we still have the right to do it.

  • No, In America flag burning is Freedom of Speech

    In the United States, burning our national flag is legal. The
    Supreme Court has ruled that burning the flag is a form of symbolic speech.
    According to the First Amendment to the Constitution, Americans have freedom of
    speech, the right to say just about anything they like. Important exceptions
    include slander, libel, jeopardizing others’ safety (like yelling fire in a
    crowded theater), and revealing national security secrets. Burning the flag makes
    many Americans mad, and some sad as well. Protesters do it to get attention for
    their cause, and it works every time.

  • No it is not.

    I do not believe that flag burning is a criminal act. If it is, then it shouldn't be. We are a free country here in America and one of these freedoms includes doing things others may not like. Flag burning is not hurting anyone and it should be legal because it is freedom of expression.

  • Flag burning is not a criminal act.

    Although flag burning is disrespectful, it should not be considered a crime. Burning the flag is right protected by our freedom of expression in the first amendment. People should be able to protect the government in any way that does not actively hurt people. Flag burning is harmless and it should not be considered a crime.

  • Yes, flag burning is a criminal act.

    Most cities and counties in our country have a civil ordinance that prevents you from burning trash. A flag that you don't want should be thrown away. Burning the flag constitutes burning trash. This should result in the offender paying a civil penalty for polluting the environment. I hope this is enforced properly.

  • No it is not.

    I do not believe that flag burning is a criminal act. I am not sure where the law is on this anymore, and there are a lot of stupid and outdated laws still on the books. However, personally, I do not believe flag burning to be a criminal act at all.

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