• Flattery is what's wrong with the world

    Flattery builds children up with false ideas about themselves. Think about this. The same people who flatter you one day can turn on you the next. Someone who sincerely cares for you does not need to flatter you. My kids never get flattered. And they are recognized as being more well behaved compared to kids who are rewarded all of the time. Kids are constantly graded and measured by people. And that is terrible. Its called too much self awareness.

    When I was a child, I was rarely flattered. My brothers were often. They turned out spoiled and very self serving. I would give everything I have to a needy person. Flattery builds self entitlement and puts people on a pedestal. They become motivated to live a life that revolves around their own desires and ambitions. People who sacrifice a material life in favor of a worthy cause will see no value in flattery. Flattery is for the dysfunctional people like celebrities and other superficial minded. Its what is on the inside that counts. And there is no flattering words for that.

  • Means:excessive and insincere praise

    No.. Flattery is strategic praise aimed at influencing people for selfish motives. Sometimes flatterers appease unknowing targets by lavishing them with small gifts... Or using opinion conformity... Or buttering them up with over-the-top compliments.

    One of the easiest ways to spot a flatterer is a person who treats people he/she perceives as superior better than others, while acting like an ogre to those perceived as inferior.

    Flattery is never purely honest. There's always a motive. There's a term the ancient civilizations used for those who went a step above flattery.... Outright/constant manic nicenesss... That was considered pathetic.

  • I don't see why

    Flattery is good for both parties, As long as you're not trying to manipulate others. The person praised can have a source of motivation, And when i flatter, I genuinely wish them the best. I just like making people happy, And flattering is just a word for it. I like drawing and i get a huge boost in motivation when someone praises me. Yes, It makes me popular, But it doesn't hurt anyone. Quite the opposite.

  • No

    I don't believe flattery is wrong when it is given for the right reason. When it comes to a good worker, it is always nice to give that person an incentive to keep doing a good job. If you are only giving it to someone to further your own wishes then, yes, I do believe it is unethical. I believe that you should only flatter someone when they deserve it.

  • Flattery for its own sake is wonderful!

    Whether it's wrong or not to flatter someone depends on your motives. Are you trying for a promotion or other financial gain? Are you attempting to con someone into doing something they otherwise would not want? If so, you need to rethink your behavior. If you are flattering someone because you want them to like you and want them to know you like them, it's just a kind of social lubricant, like please and thank you. By the way, this site is such a helpful one in allowing everyone to freely express an opinion, I appreciate this site! (Absolute flattery, but NOT wrong)

  • No, as long as it is sincere

    No, flattery is not wrong. Flattery is simply a pointing out of a positive quality, and that tends to come with warm and fuzzy feelings. Since when are warm and fuzzy feelings wrong? The reason flattery gets a bad rap is because some people use it as a way to manipulate others. However, it's not hard to see through insincere flattery, and then it becomes a negative.

  • No...within reason

    I don't think flattery is wrong, especially if the person you are flattering deserves it. I think the only time flattery is wrong is if you mean if falsely or if you are only using it for your own benefit. Everyone likes to be flattered once and awhile. We like to know that there is something about us that someone else admires whether it's a personality trait or our appearance.

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