• Yes of course

    It's a sad story. But fnaf is amazing. I played all the games. I love fnaf. The only thing that drives me nutz is bb(baloon boy). That laugh. Any way I think fnaf is one of th greatest hits in gaming. I think that the people that have said no should try it. Never judge a book by its cover. :)

  • FNAF - A Story that boggles your mind.

    FNAF isn't just a silly computer game that is being over hyped up by gamers and fanboys. Its a story that is so convoluted that it demands an explanation to make sense. A good story not only requires a plot but needs a stronger sense of thought put in by the reader to make it Interesting and FNAF does it at its best. Just take a look at the objective in the game and the story it beholds. Yes, The whole game is based on the most cliched jump scare technique but that's what covers the great story behind it. The ultimately minor details that nobody would care to look at brings out the biggest secrets. FNAF has covered its story with a basic plot and proves time and time again that you should never judge a book by its cover. FNAF is prodigious.

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  • I don't think so

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  • No, just no.

    Why do people love fnaf? Its just a random computer game. It may have a interesting story, but not the best. The only reason its interesting is that it makes you look for clues or hidden meaning, like "Look! He misspelled a word! ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED" The story is basically an ISpy Book

  • What Kind of question is this?

    FNAF, While having a well laid-out story, Does not have the greatest story. I honestly can't understand why people think it's so good. The story is laid-out among the games in a peculiar fashion, and I understand that makes finding the story interesting, But that alone does not make a story. It makes capital, and that is it's sole purpose. It's meant to interest people with a charm of mystery, While The player attempts to make sense of it's story, hidden in small details, under the pressure of Something hunting you down. It may seem innovative, But it is a simple idea used since when Computer games where on floppy disks. Though i cannot at the time give you a straight-up "Best Story in a Game", I can hopefully guide you in the right direction with this answer. I respect your opinion, if you think FNAF is the greatest game ever, But i cannot agree that it has the best story ever.

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donald.keller says2016-03-03T21:35:24.820
Do you even Kingdom hearts, bro?
nickolas says2016-08-01T00:39:11.950
Okay, Two things: one, what's with all the spamming and two, check out MatPat's theory which comes to a conclusion at this youtube URL for the true answers.