• Yes, it is

    Yes, I totally agree that food addiction is real. Food addiction is as real as any other addition like gambling, nicotine or alcohol. Things like sugar can be very addicting and extremely detrimental to people's health. Research shows that sugar withdrawal is a real thing that some people suffer from.

  • Yes, it is.

    Yes a food addiction is real. During depression, or difficult times in a persons life they will turn to food and use it to comfort them after wards they continue doing this even after they no longer want the comfort. They will eat out of boredom, something to do, or just because they want to.

  • Food addiction is real.

    Food is supposed to be a source of fuel. Now men and women use it to sooth themselves. I believe it is an addiction, the same as any drug or gambling or drinking spree. I have watched people eat food without even stopping long enough to taste and enjoy the meal. People go to the fridge and may not even be hungry. I believe you can become addicted to food the same way you get addicted to every thing else.

  • Result of underlying issues.

    How can you be addicted to something you need to live? Or, if that is an addiction, everyone is addicted to food. Because me? I'm totally addicted to living. I'm pretty addicted to water and air too.
    You make bad food choices.
    And if the food choices are because you are depressed or have some other disorder, then it isn't an addiction in and of itself. It's the result of other issues.

  • I don't think so.

    Well, I think that you think that you want to eat when you're angry but you're really not !! Sometimes you're angry and you eat to satisfy yourself!!! The way to control it is if you are strong and hold back off of it. I think not also because lots of people control it !!!

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glammmy8 says2013-04-14T02:43:46.967
I say yes