• Not everyone can do it

    Not everybody could go paint a piece of art like Picasso, not everyone could sculpt a dragon from an ice block, not everybody can even draw a straight line. It takes a lot of work to become an artist and not everybody can do it. Not everybody can cook a perfectly tender steak, not everybody can cut a tomato in the shape of a heart to garnish their seasoned and grilled lobster, not everybody can even bake a batch of cookies without burning them. It takes a lot of work to be a chef or a baker, and not everybody can do it.

  • Food is art

    Just as all doodles, drawings and coloring by the general public would not be considered art, most food is not art. However, there are artists that use the plate as their medium and the kitchen as their palette. Food photographers have been using these artists to create images of amazing works of art. These can be seen on photographer websites such as,, and many, many more. (Please add others, I love to view them.)

    What makes this art form more difficult than most is the fact that the artist is working in at least two media at the same time. It has to look special and it has to taste special. So while most of the time food is just food, a chef can most definitely be an artist and a chef's creation can definitely be art. It is an expression of imagination and creative skill that can be beautiful, inspirational, evoke emotion, and admirable.

  • Food, can be an art and is enjoyable.

    The definition of art is : the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. Appealing is in the definition and food shaped as objects is appealing and very enjoyable (therefore it is art). Have you ever whatched Cake Boss all of there products are beutiful and creative and it's food. In conclusion food is art, but it may depend on the person.

  • It really all depends

    This is not a question that can be answered black or white, but instead a little grey. Food is art, but it depends on the intent. When a professional chef creates an elaborate cuisine for dining, I see that as art. On the other side, when I or people without training decide to cook we are not really making art. We are making nutrition. The education is not the difference here, but instead what the cook is looking to do. If the cook is trying to make a delicious meal and making it physically appealing, then that is art.

  • Not all food is art.

    While some chefs can make a beautiful dish that pleasures the palate and stirs the soul, not everything that is prepared to eat meets that level - and just because it does, that doesn't mean that it is a piece of art. The modern understanding of art is that it should be something that endures and can be enjoyed by many.

  • Food Is Not Art

    It is not right to categorize food as art. Art is something that is creative and expresses individuality and concepts. Food is just an abundance of substances that you can eat. They are completely different in my opinion and have very little in common. You could decorate food and it still wouldn't be art.

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