Is football a better game than cricket for Indian youth?

  • Football is a very good game to increase our stamina.

    I believe football remains one of the most rewarding sports a child can play. Kids will learn to develop the skills to make and keep friends, and work together with those friends. Since there are 11 players on the field, it’s extremely important for each player to work with the rest of the team to win a game or even have a successful play.
    Thus kids also learn to do things with a team knowing everyone's point of view which will help them in their life ahead.

  • Football is becoming more popular

    FIFA has managed to gain a large audience in India and the game of football is becoming more popular. Cricket was more popular in the past, but high pressure, recent scandals and player confidence have affected it's viewership. Football is a more global sport, and in some ways is more connected to the outside, which makes it more appealing.

  • Football is the best game.

    I think that football is a much better game for Indian youth than cricket. Football offers a great workout, can be played on the cheap, and is popular all over the world. The sport offers a real future for many of the better kids to play the game when they grow up.

  • No, they are both worthwhile.

    No, football is not a better game than cricket for Indian youth, because both are good games. Neither game requires a great deal of training or equipment. Each game can be played with a certain degree of success without formal training. Indian youth can enjoy both games, and neither one is particularly better than the other.

  • Really depends on the person

    I think when it comes to whether or not football or cricket is better for Indian youth, I think it really comes down to not only the person, but the culture. A lot of different cultures look at sports much differently then others. Me personally, I feel both games are fine.

  • Football is Not a Better Game for Indian Youth

    Cricket is a game played by Indian children, a culturally-based childhood past time. Football is a game played all over the world. Both games have gained popularity in many parts of the world. Both games have risks included in them. Football is not necessarily a better game for Indian youth, but it could be another option, so long as it is played safely.

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