• Football is a real sport

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  • Too much coaching

    Could be played by robots and no one would see the difference. All decisions are made OFF the field. Only the QB is off any importance. The ball is in play only about 20% of the playing time. Too many stoppages. Commercials are more important than the outcome of the game.

  • No it's not

    Why I said this was because football hasn't been in the Olympics since 1932 and since cheerleading isn't a "sport" because it's not in the Olympics than neither is football. But cheerleading might be in the 2020 Olympics. So if we put in consideration with all of the sports that are not "sports" because they're not in the Olympics is messed up. Also I don't think profesional football players should get paid more than doctors or police officers

  • Not in the Olympics

    If it is not played by other continents, then it can not played in the Olympics. If it is not ever been played by any other country , then other countries won't know how to play it. If they don't know how to play it, they wouldn't have a team and they wouldn't put it in the Olympics and if it is not in the Olympics, it's not a sport. Please support my argument.

  • Football is not a real sport.

    Sports always contain winners and losers. In the football world, there are no losers. The purpose of football is so that men can get paid millions of dollars a year to take showers together. Think of it, they put on an entertaining show for the masses on the field, while entertaining one another in the locker rooms. If they don't score on the field, they score behind the scenes. We live in a society that is becoming more progressive, with people pushing the issue of using whichever bathroom of the gender they identify themselves with. With the gender gap closing in, and the notion that men and women are equal in every aspect, the question comes to surface...." If we are truly equal, why aren't women in the NFL"? Answer is simple, the football players don't want women in the showers with them.

  • No it is not a real sport

    It's not a real sport because unlike cross country or tennis, swimming, track ect. You say football games but for the sports I listed you say meets or match and with American football you say football game same with football(soccer). This is why I know American football is not a sport

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