• Yes, American Football receives more coverage and players are more widely accepted.

    American football covers a variety of teams from all across the US making it easy to pick a favorite team. The sport seems to be more physically aggressive which adds to its appeal. Other countries do enjoy their sport about as much as the US but America still makes football one of its number one pastimes.

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  • FOOTBALL IS WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAAAAAAAAAY BETTER THAN soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because just because everybody likes soccer doesn't mean that everybody else has to believe it. Either way, football is way better than soccer. We don't have have to watch soccer either, Football is better than soccer in a lot of ways and it is a sport that will be known by the world in the future!

  • No, Way, No

    It just isn't true. Football is an incredible sport, And it used to be my favorite sport, But now soccer is. It's just better. There aren't many other words I can use to describe it. Football, I'm sorry, And go Pats! But soccer is still a much better sport than football.

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  • No, in terms of fun playing it.

    Football is so widely accepted in America because of its history and media coverage. Without those two things the sport won't take off in any other setting(country). Explains why despite of the craze it has in the US, no one else in the world plays it. Soccer is better because its a universal sport and its probably the one sport that can unite the world in one occasion. Minus all the media hype and coverage, you can enjoy soccer just the same. In fact I can enjoy a good match even with the sound muted.

  • Better in what criteria ?

    In order to say that one sport is better than other, we must establish any kind of criteria, such as: the improvement of their players physique or mental agility along the time; the ease for a non-professional to be able to practice them in any environment; and so on...
    In that sense, the criteria simply was not established. And so, it is not possible to prove one being better than other.

  • American Football and Soccer Equally Excell

    Both of these sports are entertaining, to watch, for their own reasons. The moments of tension, of witnessing two very talented teams, facing off are thrilling. American football fans are well-known for their enthusiasm, when watching a favored team. Soccer fans, world-round are likewise known to enthusiastically display their support for their favorite teams. Fans of either or both sports point out very valid points, describing why they enjoy watching their favorite sport.

  • They're Just Different

    I do not believe American football is better than soccer (football to the rest of the world). The sports are two entirely different things and they certainly can not be compared, just as you can't compare apples to oranges. They both have their positives and negatives. On an international scale soccer is obviously far more popular.

  • No, neither is better than the other

    Soccer and American football are two completely different sports appealing to different tastes, so it's not really fair to say that one is "better" than the other. That would be like trying to compare European cuisine with American cuisine. Of course, Europeans and Americans might feel differently. For example, Americans may find soccer too boring and Europeans think football is too violent. However, the reality is that neither sport is better than the other; and that whether one feels that way all comes down to preferences.

  • How can you mesure greatness?

    Both football and soccer are great sports. Both are equally entertaining. They each have a different appeal. Football has cheerleaders, tackling and brute force. When you think about football, you think of America. On the other hand, soccer is internationally popular. Its a face paced game filled with excitement. They are both great sports. If you love both games then you will love rugby

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