• Their the same as each other

    Ok First of all I need help which one should I do football or netball. By the way netball is good and tiring cause u do a lot of footwork and movement and its competive as football I know this because I've played netball so many times. As for football u do a lot of kicking and a bit less movement than netball as in netball u have to keep on looking and running and catching and jumping while in football u have to wait until the ball comes and goes. I feel more worked out in netball but not breathless while in football i don't fell that worked out but very breathless somehow.

  • Soccer is wayyyyyy better

    Soccer actually has a smaller amount of knee, ankle and wrist injuries than netball and it is better for you. You also need to use all your muscles so you head the ball and chest it and knee it so it is a much more skilled sport. It is also much more gender inclusive than netball with there being a more equal amount of boys and girls playing

  • Soccer is better

    Trust me, I would know. In Netball, as soon as you get the ball you have to stop running and pass. Where as in Soccer, you can dribble, pass, shoot and defend as much as you want. I have heard people say that Netball is “More violent”. This is completly not true

  • Football is a way better sport than netball

    I play both netball and football but I think that football is a better sport because you get more of a run around and it brings up you fitness skills and also in soccer you don't have to stop and start suddenly like in netball so by the time you are 40 years old your ankles would be all old and sore that is why football is a better sport than netball.

  • Bosh plop dish

    Football is better than netball, one because in netball you are basically stuck to the ground. Whereas in football you keep on running. Also, netball, can cause a lot more injuries than football. To end this I think netball was pretty much stolen from basketball and is just really boring

  • Football is better Netball

    Football is clearly better than netball for many reasons. Firstly, Netballs shit and not even a real sport. Secondly, Football is a real sport and can actually pull in a crowd to a game. Bottom line is Football is always going to be better than Netball. Thanks for your time

  • Football is loads better

    If you went outside and asked someone if they wanted to play netball they will probably not no what to do
    However if you asked them do you want to play football they would no what they have to do. Also netball sort of rip of version of football and basket ball, it is not an original idea. Also you have to be a lot fitter to play football well, as netball the pitch is smaller and you are stuck in sections

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  • Soccer is better!

    Most people think soccer is just for males, but I totally disagree with this. You will be surprised at how many girls teams there are in soccer, for all ages. I haves played both soccer and netball for a reasonable amount of time, and I can clearly state that soccer is way more challenging. All these netballers think soccer is so easy, but have not experienced a soccer game with tricks, good dribbling and tackling held against them. Instead I can guarantee that the netballers will go into a soccer match being so confident, but in fact they will be humiliated.

    I can agree that soccer can be very brutal even with girls. I have had many 'in-game' injuries happen to me, including fractured foot, sprained ankle, broken nose and I also have got knocked out by a ball, and I am only in the 13 age group! Netball can still be quite aggressive, but in a different way. You can scratched, kicked,stepped on, rolled ankle and broken finger, but these incidents occur less frequently.

    Overall I think soccer is a better sport than netball in many ways, and you better watch out you cocky netballers! (I know not all netball players are like this.)

  • Netball is shit

    Football is a sport for all people but netball is just for woman and people who are weak.

    It Is Much better The sport of football is much better than netball. Football is one of the most popular and recognized sports in the world. It is played by millions, if not billions of people. If you walk outside and ask someone what netball is, they might not know what you are talking about.

  • Netball is the best

    This is because netball is more technical and uses more strategies. Lots of people say that it is worse because it is a non-contact game but as an umpire and a player I can say that there is a lot of contact and things that happen that are because of a form of contact that no one that doesn't know how to play will actually see.

  • Soccer is the best

    You have different things that each person does like defend, striker and many more also u can hit goals whereas netball has no goals and its not intense. Soccer has space so you can shoot the ball any where and get lots of exercise which really keeps your body fit and healthy.

  • More technical game

    Netball contains more strategies and set plays than football. Football is just men throwing other men to the ground to get the ball. Netball is a physical game and you can do just as much as a footballer. Netball has more rules to play by so it is a clearer and faster game.

  • A big difference

    Netball is a sport that is non contact so you wouldn't get many injuries where as football is a sport using speed but look in the inside football uses mainly the foot netball uses most of our body muscles for example when you jump when you twist and turn and when you pivot and especially when you try to score the net just because it is a sport for women there is no need to be sexist about it because look how many sports men play to say the truth both are competitive sports and both are very intense netball is more of a fun all rounded sport you don't have to be fit you can look fat or thin the only thing that matters in netball is that you interact this sport builds bond between people .It is ever so slightly like basket ball because they are both played indoor so no hay fever (joke) I love football but I find myself being very sore after each game I've played but in netball I find a comfort because you do not just run around screaming while kicking a ball you jump you turn you can learn so much more in netball than basket ball

  • Netball is harder than football

    A lot of people are saying that it has nothing intense in it but actually the whole game is intense. There are penalty shots and penalty passes.
    A lot of people are saying the reason they like netball is because it is classy. It is classy but it is not a game where the main goal is to be elegant like people assume. It is a game of strength speed and accuracy and is extremely difficult to play. The question is very personal and therefore there is not one right anwser. But I think that netball is much better

  • Netball is just as important but is not accepted

    When I went to school, a long time ago, I got in an argument with the football players that we deserve to play netball as much as they get to play football. You would expect a teacher to be fair with the pupils but because I had a male teacher he was on the footballers side. I can't count how many times I had said to him, "It's an netball court!" But it never worked. Therefore the netball team didn't get any practice whatsoever and we lost every game. Which looked bad on the school, so the teacher decided to give us the court and the footballers had to play in the small corner where we used to play and where also banned from playing for a month for aggression towards us, so footballers only care about themselves. I felt so good that they got a tase of their own medicen.

  • Netball for the win

    Netball is way better than football because every one can play netball and it's a sport for women. Netball is a great non-contact sport, so you can't grab people or push people, and is a very good to watch and play. It's a great sport, so netball for the win.

  • Women deserve a dominant sport.

    In Australia, sports like football are reserved, in professional league, for men only, and while netball is predominantly a female played sport, there is also a men's international team that compete. I feel that especially considering how many male-dominated sports there are, the fact that there is one sport where the women's competition is more popular than the men's is great. I don't think either football or netball are "better" (even though I play a lot of very competitive netball), but each have their redeeming aspects.

  • Netball is for more civilized people

    In football you hit people all over a ball and kick it between to sticks they call goal posts were as netball is a non-contact sport where you get an equal opetunity of winning or loosing depending on your skill level. In football it is just ruff boys running up and down the field where as in netball you have to stop and start trough out the game making it more challenging. What is hard about running and kicking balls all day when you could be catching and shooting and defending and stop starting
    netball is way better i hoped i answered you question

  • It is not

    For starters netball and football are completely different sports, netball is a sport loved by mostly girls and women and football is loved by most people. However, it depends what you're looking for in a game, if you're looking for a high intensity game to watch, watch netball because it can be just as physical as football. If you're looking for a sport where men just play as an excuse to grab each other and pull them down hard so they can feel the body, go for football (This is AFL football by the way).

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