• I prefer football

    I respect your opinion if you like soccer but here is why I think football is better.
    1. More than one way to score
    2. It is more fun because there is more scoring.
    3. You can hit someone without getting in trouble.
    4. You can Run, Pass, And kick

  • Football is better

    Football is whey better then soccer because there is more running and more catching and you get body muscle and you get more of a good sport and say good game without being mad you can get faster and make Friends by likening football and that is why i think football is better then soccer

  • Soccer is very gay and is for weird south americans or england people.

    Football is better because you get to beat up nerds, , And sovver isn't very nive to people, Aslso soccer people flop and you can't flop in football so thaet j j j j j jj j soccer is bad and should be banned from the USa and it should be

  • Soccer is bad!

    Soccer is bad because they flop around and they fake injuries and there is no point of it your just kicking a ball around. But in football you get tackled and they man up and walk it off they don’t flop around when somebody didn’t even touch them (unlike soccer)

  • Football is Better

    1. Football has overtime
    2. More strategy becuz of time stopping
    3. More than one way to score which leads to
    better endings
    4. Different types of play
    5. 90 minutes might end up as a 0-0 tie
    6. Players aren’t constantly faking injuries
    7. Soccer fans try to manipulate u to like their sport
    8. Soccer fans will not respect ur opinion if u say
    another sport is better
    9. Soccer penalties are way too strict
    10. It’s more complex (in a good way) with its rules
    but they are still (for the most part) fair

  • Soccer is stupid

    Soccer players idea of supporting a team is getting drunk and singing stupid songs a games. All the players do is flop flop flop like a fish. In football, if you get tackled by a guy running at you at full speed, you get back up and get ready for the next play.

  • Football is way better than soccer

    There is five reasons why football is better than soccer.
    1:Soccer is not as exiting as football
    2:In football you get to tackle people (although some people might not like getting hurt but it is not that likely that you will get hurt)
    That is why football is WAY better than soccer

  • Soccer is bae

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  • Football is better

    Football is more exciting,and fun and when you can hit someone and not get in trouble and every one loves it.Every one looks forward to the Superbowl every year.What else would you show on Sunday. It not like there is something else you can show. Football is the best sport ever

  • Soccer is way better

    Soccer is better because all you need to do in football is to run the ball past people and try to try but in soccer you need to run the ball up and down the filled as fast as you can and offload the ball to your following team mates.

  • Soccer is awesome

    We don't stop playing each 5 seconds and just hit each other like a bunch of kids, Strategy has to be well thought cause it is a dynamic game in which has no stop so you have to find the right time to do things during the match not stopping and rethinking it

  • Soccer is wayyy better.

    I've tried watching an American Football game and by god did it push me to the edge of suicide. The game stops every couple of seconds and the players regroup. And repeat. This means that they DON'T need to develop a longer term strategy.
    I would have to agree that American Football players are more physically fit, But they are so much dumber. Probably due to brain damage.
    In soccer, It's a good thing that you're not allowed to aimlessly charge, Head first into a man. It forces the players to be clever and skilful. The highest amount of intelligence in a American Football game is when it looks like a player is marking one person but actually intends to go for another. Wow so smart(! ).
    We're not savages. Soccer is an art, American Football is what you're 5 year old nephew comes up with as a sorry attempt for a skilful game. Adding more complex rules, Doesn't make the game more complex.

  • We all know

    Soccer is played way more then football and watched. America is just really stupid because they are born on it, It is way too stupid and you just run, Throw, And run down a field that is just stupid. In football you have 20 second breaks and soccer you play faster and longer. People are thinking that soccer isn't a sport because America is a piece of crap.

  • Soccer is the BEST

    Soccer is not just a simple sport. It takes skill, practice, and major tolerance of pain. I'm not hating on football, but haters of soccer need to stop. First Football is one of the number one causes of CTE which can cause a person to go mad! Soccer is the most played and watched sport on the planet and you don't just smash your head into another guys stomach. Soccer is the best and I don't care what anyone else thinks. I live, breath, and eat soccer. SOCCER IS LIFE, THE REST ARE JUST DETAILS.

  • Football is stupid

    And soccer is an INTERNATIONAL sport. Soccer brings countries together, maybe not always in a nice way as they sometimes yell at people from other countries, but it is still bringing countries together none the less. What does football do? Make idiots money, more than people that deserve it. Soccer is better than football, it is as simple as that.

    Posted by: SNP1

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Sumocolt768 says2014-02-11T07:28:12.777
Doesn't soccer create riots and exploit racism? Oh yeah, soccer brings countries together alright, but to kill each other, not bring peace.

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