Is football enhanced by the money amassed by Man City and Chelsea?

  • Yes, it is.

    Football is enhanced by the money made by Manchester City and Chelsea. This is because these teams attract international viewers. This in turn increases the popularity of football on a global level. I think that one day football will even be popular in the United States if this trend continues.

  • Yes, resources are always good.

    Yes, football is enhanced by the money amassed by Man City and Chelsea, because it is always good when football has a lot of money to put into their programs. Many sports programs fail for lack of money. It is excellent that football does not have this problem. Strong financial support has been good for Man City and Chelsea.

  • Big money, big sport.

    I believe that football itself is hugely benefited from the big earning clubs like Man City and Chelsea. I think that every sport needs these keynote clubs to keep their sport on the front page. Just like baseball and the Yankees or basketball and the Lakers. It's just how it works.

  • Football is enhanced by the notoriety of Man City and Chelsea.

    It is not money that has enhanced football on an international level, but the notoriety of some of its better known teams, including Man City and Chelsea. Although many Americans, for instance, are unfamiliar with the Premiere League in general, they do recognize those team names, which give them a team with which to identify in the sport.

  • English football is the most rigged league in the world

    There are so many poor countries that play a great game of soccer without massive amounts of funds. They are great teams, but they seem larger than life when they play in the Barclay's leauge, which I've found over the years to be the highest rate of rigging by sports bettors.

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