• Yes it is

    Football is a sport of men which choose to risk their self on the field to win a game of pride. It is their choice. If they do not want to get hurt then step off the field. Concussion rules cause more stops in the game and less entertainment which leads to less views. The nfl dosnt want less views do they.

  • Football needs to go soft

    Football may be headed in a softer direction, and it needs to. Far too many players end up with bad injuries. Something especially needs to be done about the brain injuries that so many players are ending up with. Improving safety and having softer play on the field will help the players.

  • Football will never be soft.

    With the permanent damage to the brain from blocking and concussions, there is no possibility of football going soft. Even now that players are trying to attack differently in order to protect the brain, they are simply shifting where the damage occurs. Instead of harming the head, permanent damage is being done to the knees. Football will never be a soft sport.

  • Football Isn't A Soft Sport

    There are way too many concussions and deaths to football's name. Permanent brain damage is the main cause of this, from hard hits to the head. And even if it's not the head, there are still way too many injuries people can sustain playing football. Some end up paralyzed, unable to move, and even mild injuries can take you out of life for a while.

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