• No way hoza

    Really, Football is for men. Women are supposed to be doing dance, and gymnastics. Plus, men are more muscular than women, so that proves the natural sport for women is more need-for-flexibility than for men. Women bones are way more delicate than men, so that gives the upside for men doing Football than women doing Football.

  • Powderpuff is gay

    Football is for men. Women can not handle the physical strength that it demands. We had a women play on our team and she broke her leg running. Women should be in the kitchen supplying the men watching men play football. The kitchen is too gangerous enough for all women.

  • I'm for it.

    If it is shown that they have the potential to be on the team then why not. I don't doubt that there are some really good female athletes. I'd be glad to even see a girl win the heisman someday. I'm also kind of surprised that I never see women arguing to play other sports ,like soccer or basketball, alongside males.

  • It can be for girls, too.

    Girls can be just as aggressive as boys. They play soccer, baseball, and volleyball. Why can't they be able to play football too? Men are not always stronger or faster than girls. Girls should be given a fair chance. They are just as good as boys, some are even better.

  • No, But Still

    There are already girls across the country who are involved in football at different levels, so clearly, it isn't just for boys. But, that doesn't mean that girls have any reason to be offended by the notion that it is a predominately male sport. Males generally are the more athletic gender, and football is a high impact sport, which many players train for throughout their entire lives. If a near-300-pound male lineman who has played football for years sacks a 130-pound female quarterback, it will not be pretty. There are always exceptions to the rule, but the honest truth is that the majority of females don't play football because they have no interest in playing, and the few who do will inevitably struggle to meet the athletic standards.

  • Girls Can Be Great Athletes!

    Girls can be very good at football. I have played football with girls at elementary and middle school level, and they can be very agressive and can tackle just as well as the boys. I have seen them curl and golf awesomley well at my high school, so there is no reason they couldn't do the same in football.

  • No. No. No.

    I believe that girls should be allowed to play what every sport they want. I do agree that men and women are built differently. Men without a doubt are naturally stronger and bigger than women. With that said, I don't think that men and women should play this sport together for that reason. We should have all women football leagues.

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