• Which flop move should I do next....?

    Football is way more of a sport than soccer. In soccer you kick a ball around in shoot it into the net. Literally the only rules are that you cannot foul people or slide tackle, handballs, slide people in the box, and goalie out of the box. Anyone can learn how to play soccer. It takes skill, but not as much as football. In football there are countless rules, holding, offsides, horse collar, face mask, chop block, etc.

    Also to point out soccer is so boring. There are people running around on the pitch for 90 minutes and 75% of them are standing there and thinking of what flop move to do. In Football, every single play there is action. 99% of the time everyone in football is moving on the field and making contact. That is definitely considered more of a sport when everyone is having action and fun. It is complete bull-crap when people say soccer is better than football. You sit around and barely touch the ball a game. Soccer is nothing of a sport compared to football.

  • Yes! Of coarse!

    Dude! Soccer, all you do is run around! With football you can actually tackle, throw, etc. Football is much much better than Soccer. Yes, it's also way more of a sport! Soccer you basically run around and kick a ball. You lose energy really fast. Soccer is not a fun sport. Football you have gear and you can win championships! I'm not sure if you can in Soccer! Soccer is just not my type. Iv'e always hated it. I used to play it when I was little. I don't think I like EVER even touched the ball! If you run across the Soccer field the second you get there, it's on the other side! Soccer is NOT a very good sport. At all. Football is much better! In conclusion, Football better. Much much better.

  • No! Of coarse not!

    America is the only country that soccer is not the main sport, soccer you can win championships. Soccer is equal for both men and women. Soccer involves talent and a lot of practice, so does football, however soccer players don't need drugs to be good at it, they just need talent. Football players need all the gear to protect themselves whereas soccer players take the pain and play till they cant anymore.

  • No are you crazy

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