• Of course it is

    Yes it is! Face the facts, only men can play football! They dont let women play. For other sports there are exceptions but football is one of the only sports where they dont let women play at all. They do have it for some colleges but womens football never gets any recognition.

  • Yes they are

    Football is sexist, too. I'm sure that I would not be the first to suggest that cheerleaders are pure and simple sex-objects. The whole thing is a painfully obvious mating ritual. And that's ok. Or at least it would be if everyone one involved weren't so oblivious to the whole thing. Get some self-awareness. Perhaps cheerleaders can be self-actualizing their sexuality. I doubt it. Let's compare to hockey again. Women actually play hockey. Well. I know there are women's football leagues, but they are few and far between, and certainly not as accepted by the football culture (or regular culture) as women's hockey is. Women's hockey has a ways to go, too, for sure, but it is miles ahead of football.

  • It is, no brainer.

    Football objectives women in many ways. One way is the cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are always dressed in such a way as to show off their bodies rather than their athletic abilities. They are also only there to support the “big strong men”, portraying males as some sort of dominant sex. Another way it objectifies women is that the NFL does very little to absolutely nothing about its players making sexist remarks, or even physically harming a woman. Let’s ask ourselves, why is this behavior tolerated?

  • Of course not.

    Women simply don't possess the correct set of skills or correct size to truly succeed in such a physically demanding sport. That being said, very few women even try out for the NFL, only one has and her two attempts at a field goal we're so horrible she left of her own accord after only two attempts. As for in management and staff, I believe there are so many men in that aspect of the sport simply because women are generally less into sports and for guys it's much more interesting and fun.

  • Football is not sexist, I imagine in its beginnings if there was a very good female player she would have had a chance.

    The fact of the matter is men and women are built differently biologically, women generally do not reach the size and muscle needed to fill many of the roles in modern NFL football. Coaches generally want to win and if they could safely field women and have a higher chance of winning a game due to this I am sure they would. But they do not.

  • They don't "not let women play"

    In face, a woman tried out at the NFL Combine. She was a soccer player, trying out to be a kicker. When doing a kickoff, she kicked it 19 yards, as opposed to the usual 60-75 yards that the pros do.

    Also, to the people complaining that there isn't women's football: The reason there isn't is because very few would play or watch it.

  • Why would it be?

    We have to stop calling everything sexist, one is free to follow the sport it wants and the competitions it wants, women haven't been associated with american football for long enough, but that doesn't mean they are or not skilled, sexist it would be if it was forbidden for women or that it recieved no funding ( inferior funding is not an argument becouse in europe and africa football, the real one, recieves much more funding than basketball and the reason is the market ). Who has enough passion for american football that it can apart from dedicating time to profession, education and family, to follow its team and still want to view women's play its great, sexism would be if there would be no possibility to watch them play or the viewer would prefer not satisfying its need to watch the sport becouse its being played by women, disregarding their skills, if those aren't the cases it isn't sexism and we must stop using this word for everything one wishes it to be a male + female utopia.

  • No it most definitely is not.

    To take a realistic approach you must deviate from the original question and look at why female football gains less attention from mens. The truth is clear that 'Men' are physically superior to 'Women' I don't feel I need to argue why, that is just an objective truth. Upon agreeing this point one can expect any game of football played by men to have faster pace, more skills and harder physical contact.

    These aspects justifiably bring on competitiveness that is more prevalent in mens sport, thats what people pay to see. If you were to put women in lingerie and have them play football (which they have successfully done) then you have fans coming to see sexy women playing in barely nothing. Do you see the difference?

    It is fair to say people want to see competitiveness therefore I feel the the term sexism in football is characterised by many falsehoods and is clouded by the dissonant view that 'women should be able to do what men can'. Whilst this is true in some sport, it is irreverent to the original question and diverts the argument away from the truth which is people want to see competitive football, women cannot deliver that.

    In analogical terms would someone choose a Ford pickup truck over a Ferrai.. I feel the majority would choose the latter, therefore reinforcing my point that people want to see faster, stronger, competitive football. The sexist argument is brought on by cognitive dissonance that female should be equal to men. The reality from a non chauvinistic and factual viewpoint is that men are physically better at anything requiring intense bodily function, that's like it or not the way humans were designed.

  • Football itself is not sexist.

    No, wait. Nothing about football is sexist. Just because you don't see a women's football team that much means nothing. A lot of feminists say they want a women's football team, but it's for the same reason you wanted the rubber ball your sibling had as a kid. It was because you didn't have it. And not to sound like a jerk, but football is a touch & violent sport. I'm not saying women are incapable of football, I'm only saying that most women are too busy trying to be skinny and pretty to get beaten up in a game of football. And I know there are female boxers and wrestlers, but that's different. And, if any of you women are somehow offended by this... Then voice your own opinion instead of complaining. But I'm not going to apologize if someone was offended by something I said.

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Jonnybur says2013-07-18T23:31:25.373
That's not football. Its American Football. Football is played with a round ball.
TheBunnyAssassin says2013-08-08T13:39:44.937
No offense, bruins guy, but you are losing this debate...