• Think of all those who have died

    Will we risk our lives for the entertainment of others, I wouldn't and I don't expect others too either. There is so much more involved in football than the immediate risks. Thank of those great men like Mike Webster and Junior Saeu football killed them, it can kill others too. You are not invincible so start acting like it

  • Its is to dangerous for kids and adults

    Football can cause severe concussions to the brain known as CTE Dr. Bennett omulau a neurologists discovered this after 7 ex-NFLers- died that played for the Pittsburgh stealers . So if your child does play football I recommend you find a new sport for your child to play unless you like taking trips to the emergency room.

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  • Football is dangerous and is breaking families apart

    My supporting argument is that we now have scientific evidence that football is a wildly dangerous sport and we have evidence that the NFL knowingly tried to cover up that fact from its fanbase/players. It can be inferred huge guys hitting each other until they're bodies are worn and crazed from concussions one after the other causing cte from this barbaric gameplay is wrong and is causing hell on its players lives for life.

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  • It is dangerous

    Football is dangerous because it has so many injuries and it is the most dangerous sport ever . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .

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  • It is not rough

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  • Injuries are bad

    Many pro football players have died because of bad head injuries. Also they have suffered torn ligaments, broken bones, muscle tears and many more. Even though they get paid a lot of money they run the risks of future damage to there body and there family. In conclusion football is too dangerous and should be banned until they have better equipment

  • It is a the best sport you can play

    Football may seem dangerous, but its not. Football is actually the best sport you can play. Football you can have fun, exercise,and learn teamwork. Exercise is good and healthy for everyones body. To learn teamwork is too have fun and have fun with your team. And having fun is so much fun

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  • Its good for kids

    Its helps them learn important life lessons, its great exercise, and its better then sitting in front of a computer all day long. Studies prove that football actually one of the best sports you can do. I do think its dangerous but that's OK because some kids just want a dangerous sport and you just have to let them play.

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    Football isn't to dangerous unlike cheerleaders they wear protection

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