• It is but not totally.

    The NFL needs to die out by 2040 because of all the penalty flags being thrown on your favorite team and people are getting extremely sick and tired of it, Unless the NFL bans penalty flags and allowed players to make excuses, Exceptions and foul plays because players are going to do it anyways. They don't care if NFL makes new policies, It violates league rights, It's not right for NFL to make new rules. A player gets penalized 3 times in a game and still didn't get thrown out, 1st time should be a warning and 2nd time you get penalized should be a suspension. NFL has been America's most favorable sport for over 30 years straight and still continues. Baseball fans should start choosing baseball as their favorite sport to watch, Basketball fans choose basketball as their favorite, Hockey fans choose hockey as their favorite, And [American/Canadian] football fans that likes baseball and/or basketball should choose one of them as their favorite. My favorite sport is wrestling.

  • Tackling players, they can get concussions, crippling diseases or even Alzheimer's disease just playing a game a football .

    Have you ever had a concussion or been badly hurt? Well if you have you know that the pain is too strong and kids playing football can cause diseases.I think football is too dangerous to play since there is tackling players, they can get concussions, crippling diseases or even Alzheimer's disease just playing a game a football according to WHYY. Football may cause serious injuries or death.Sometimes back injuries

    Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, otherwise known as CTE. It is a deadly brain disease that can develop from the repetitive hits and tackles young football players experience. Since, children aren’t fully developed, they are vulnerable to injuries,mainly to the brain.Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a disease that slowly clumps the brain and kills brain cells. There is no particular helmet that protects the brain 100 percent.

    Protective armor isn't always suitable it may be 20 pounds altogether including shoulder pads,leg pads and chest pads.In Patriots receiver Brandin Cooks was injured on a hard hit by Patriots safety Malcolm Jenkins in the second quarter of Super Bowl 52 on Sunday. He is out of the game with a head injury,the team announced.Cooks has been incredibly durable over his four-year NFL career. He played in all 16 games each of the last three seasons and has mostly avoided injuries.

    Tackling can prevent crippling disease, a back disease. It is the same as sitting with your back arched. If your back gets arched most of the time you can stay like that or, get a back brace.Having a back brace can not be too much fun for you. A back brace is made of metal it can be placed inside you or outside of your body like a fortress. Be glad that I am warning you because in soccer you can break or sprain a bone.

    That's why I think football is too dangerous. All of these causes may kill you if you are playing football or occur after a play. Crippling diseases or even Alzheimer's disease can produce in the children's body and brain.

  • No, No and No No WAY

    Playing football is a fun thing to do. It might be dangerous but it is actually not dangerous because if you know how to hit them or play their shouldn't be any problem at all if you know what you are doing and when you do play you can learn how to look and stop and be beware of you surroundings and be quick at moving.

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