Is force more effective than words in convincing people?

Asked by: Juris
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  • No its not

    No because in some cases it will just make people More inclined to do the opposite of what you want. Also generally hurting people to do what you want them to do is immoral and wrong. Now i can think of anything else to say so im just going to talk nonsense to fill up the words

  • No No No No.

    When you resort to violence when trying to convince someone of something, you are basically giving up. Imagine this situation, say you're walking down the street and some large man comes up and asks you if you are voting republican or democrat. You say republican and he disagrees. The man grabs you by the collar and pushes you up against the wall saying, "Are you sure you're voting republican?" At this point you would most likely say something along the lines of, "no sir, I am a democrat I was just kidding..." You didn't actually change your views on anything when he used force, you just simply made him think you did.

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