Is forcing individuals and taxpayers to fund elective abortion coverage under the Affordable Care Act sensible?

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  • Circumventing the Hyde Amendment!

    Because of legislative loopholes and onerous mandates, Obamacare will entangle taxpayer funds in abortion coverage offered on state exchanges and could force many Americans to unwittingly pay an abortion surcharge with private dollars. Additional taxpayer fund­ing and mandates on insurers could also provide increased funding and coverage for abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. To truly protect taxpayers, individuals, and families from subsidizing health plans that include coverage of abortion, Obamacare must be repealed in its entirety. Americans deserve health care reform that allows individuals and families to choose health care that meets their needs without violating their beliefs or subsidizing life-ending drugs and procedures.

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SweetTea says2014-01-17T15:49:27.687
If you have group, health insurance (most people do) ... It probably pays for abortions. Now, you can think that is your money going toward your healthcare. But, in reality, it is group insurance funding entire corporations (in many cases). Thousands of people are under that umbrella. While they come in a variety of packages, insurance is just that. Your money isn't in "the bank". You won't get it back. At best, it will roll into the next year (if not used). And if the handbook says it covers abortions ... Well, then, your money is being used to pay for them. It doesn't matter if you received the procedure, or not. The insurance company doesn't say, "Do you want to fund abortions?" The average employee, often times, doesn't get a say in group coverage. The hierarchy of the company makes those decisions. If you want health insurance, you play along. You might get to opt-out of Dental and/or Vision. That's about it. Isn't that a lot like Obamacare? Sure, the latter is funded by your tax dollars. But group insurance is funded by your wallet, too! People who do not support abortion are already paying for them. They've probably been doing it, for years. It's just a matter of reading that Insurance Handbook that HR gives to everyone, but only a few actually read!
Swift-Silent-Deadly says2014-01-17T16:00:24.747
@SweetTea are you implying that it is now a Double tap to my wallet then? Its being pulled from my taxes and pulled from my check through group Health care? Check this out:
SweetTea says2014-01-17T17:35:40.583
I imply nothing. I am saying ... If your are in a Group Insurance & it covers abortion, then your $$$ has been paying for abortions (whether your spouse has had the procedure or not). The Affordable Care Act is just another insurance option; isn't it? Of course, it was launched & propped with tax dollars. But, hey ... Insurance companies were bailed out with our tax dollars. It's all fubar, hon.
Swift-Silent-Deadly says2014-01-17T17:54:43.820
FUBAR indeed,....... Repeal Affordable Care Act and let private sector do what they do best!
SweetTea says2014-01-17T22:52:04.240
On one hand, I think it is crazy & shameful that other nations (many smaller than ours) provide health care to all citizens and America does not. On the other hand, I don't like how ACA has negatively impacted my group insurance. I now pay more and get less. I have a deductible. Before the ACA was upheld by the SCOTUS, I didn't have a deductible! I could go on, but surely you get my drift. I haven't seen anything offered by the GOP that was more enticing. And, with the high court's blessing, the ACA is the law of the land. I don't think it will ever be reversed or amended. It will be like the Roe v. Wade decision ... Hated and heavily debated ... But still here.