Is foreign aid too expensive to keep (yes) or is it too important to cut (no)?

  • It is too expenisve

    Foreign Aid is to expensive to keep. We have went into debt by helping every single country in the world and none of them try to repay the loans we have given to them. If you can't pay you can't lend out the money and it has caused us to borrow money because of it also.

  • We need to worry about ourselves.

    It isn't that I do not care about foreign aid but we have a lot of big issues that need to be taken care of within our own country first. As a country with financial issues of our own, it only makes sense for us to re prioritize. While we still have sick and starving people walking our streets, we should not be focusing our attention elsewhere.

  • Foreign Aid is too expensive.

    Foreign aid is a waste of precious funds. We have people in this country who are starving, homeless and struggling. Instead of sending billions of dollars to help another country, we need to look to helping ourselves. Yes it may sound good in theory, but always sending foreign aid makes us look like meddlers. The US needs to fix its own problems and then worry about the problems and shortcomings of other nations.

  • Too much is wasted.

    I think that a vast amount of foreign aid is wasted. If the foreign aid was genuinely being used to relieve human suffering, then I think it would be worth it, but too much ends up in the coffers of corrupt governments, or paid as ransoms to horrible people, sometimes actually increasing human suffering.

  • Yes, foreign aid is too expensive.

    I think that foreign aid is way too expensive to keep supporting. While I do think that they do a lot of good, I think that there is also a lot of flaws with the way the money is being governed right now. There is too much corruption involved with foreign aid. Something has to be done to fix the issues.

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