Is former Russian President Gorbachev justified in his criticisms of President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev?

  • President Gorbachev is justified in his criticisms of Putin and Medvedev

    President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev are on a power trip and have done great harm to the Russian economy. From the excessive expenditures on the 2014 winter Olympics to the declining economic state for many of their citizens, former Russian President Gorbachev is right to criticize them. These individuals are more concerned about their own egos, image and promotion than about doing what's best for their country.

  • Yes, Gorbachev is justified.

    In my opinion, President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev have simply served for too long. Putin went for a third term in 2012, much to many of his critics dismay, he is accused of backsliding on democracy, intimidates opponents, and has little care for the majority of the people he claims to have saved. Medvedev is accused of ballot stuffing and controlling all of Russia with only him and Putin making the calls. Although I have to admire Putin's ability to take care of a lot of Russias corruption, he himself has become what he originally came into office to fight.

  • Yes, we're entitled to our own opinions

    Everyone has their own opinions, yet when a well known person criticizes other well known people, it becomes a major news story. However, if I were to give my own opinion about US President Obama, know one would really care. We all have the freedom to say what we want, it's just that no everyone will agree with it or will enjoy hearing it.

  • Gorbachev Is Justified in His Criticisms

    Where I come from there is something called 'Freedom of Speech'. However, with that not being the case everywhere else, you have to consider whether or not Gorbachev's criticisms are justified. I believe that no matter what he said, he has the right to express his opinion on Putin and Medvedev. After all, it's just words and the only mean something if Putin and Medvedev really care about what Gorbachev thinks of them.

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