• Formula 1 is better.

    Formula 1 cars can actually turn both ways. Stock cars go in circles, how is that entertaining. The drivers are way more skilled in F1. There are F1 fans all around the world. Only Americans watch NASCAR. An F1 car can go way faster then a stock in any circuit other then dirt or snow.

  • Formula 1 is way better

    Imagine you where driving in the rain without a roof and no wipers, I have no doubt that you will crash and as it was said before webber and vetted have the same car and vetted keeps winning every time but I'm not saying that the driver is everything, an F1 car was built to race the everything in it was built for a purpose, to race. As with a nascar they are just stock cars built to drive on the road. I've also seen some videos with a nascar versus an F1 car and the F1 car wins every time.

  • Yes, Formula 1 is better than Nascar.

    Formula 1 is better than Nascar because it is not dependent on large, sometimes deadly wrecks to keep its viewers entertained. Formula 1 race courses are also usually more intricate and more difficult to navigate, requiring more skill from the driver and more visual interest to the viewer. Formula 1 is also popular throughout the world and can be seen in more places than Nascar.

  • NASCAR is not as manly as you think

    NASCAR they can hit each other that just shows that tit is not as dangerous. F1 is faster and it runs in the rain. It also has a more exiting qualifying system. It is also harder on the drivers because going to a different country every week is very demanding.

  • F1 is way better..

    I know a lot of people say that in F1, drivers only win 'because of the car'. But have you ever heard of a driver named Vettel? He started in a very slow car, and still WON a GP. And if its just 'the car', then why does Vettel keep winning and not Webber? F1 also takes skill to win. Unlike NASCAR, just driving in circles, waiting for someone to crash so you can gain places. If you dont believe me, watch the final laps of Raikkonen and Hamilton Spa 2008. Theres a lot more I just wrote the first thing that came in my mind

  • Formula 1 is better than Nascar.

    Now, I am not saying that Formula 1 is dominate and that Nascar is completely horrible. When I disagree with this question I mean that they are both kind of the same. In a sense, they are both vehicles racing on a road trying to race to a finish line. The only difference with Formula 1 is that they use much faster cars and have to go through much more difficult roads. It takes more skill to drive something that fast on harder roads.

  • Yes, for those who enjoy actual racing.

    I watched a NASCAR race once, never before had I seen such a gathering of discourteous and dangerous drivers. Of course, Jenson Button would love to shove Sebastian Vettal to the side into a wire fence, but I don't think that you fans understand just how DANGEROUS F1 really is.

  • In Most Terms

    Formula 1 is at the top of today's technology and innovation, NASCAR is still using clunky V8s and a completely un-aerodynamic design. Also, while NASCAR does have road courses, the most used tracks are ovals. On the other hand, F1 uses mostly road courses, showing the rounded abilities of F1

  • In most facets

    F1 cars are more technologically innovative and faster. There is a history of significant automotive innovations emanating from F1. The drivers are more athletic and generally more skilled. The circuits have more variety (right-hand turns, undulations, different track width, radius of corner), in more countries, and with generally larger crowds. There is a stronger history to F1 (since it is a natural extension of Grand Prix racing at the turn of the century). In practically every objective measure, Formula 1 is better. The entertainment value of the sport is subjective, but I find F1 far more interesting to watch too.

  • Yes, in general.

    In most cases I think Formula 1 has a higher fan base and people are more entertained by it. Other than that it really comes down to personal opinions and what you enjoy. Some people really like Nascar, while others do not. For people who do not like Nascar, though, probably would enjoy Formula 1. They have a lot to offer enertainment wise.

  • Too much horsepower and not enough down force.

    F1 and NASCAR required different skills. F1 cars are built for speed, with increased down force and tire combinations that help the car stick to the surface (easier to drive.) Stock cars on the other hand are inherently more difficult to control. They have too much horsepower and not enough down force by design. This puts more control in the hands of the driver to find and sustain that fine line of speed and control. There have been many road course drivers that have tried to win a NASCAR event in a stock car, but they rarely do. They aren't able to find that balance of speed and control that the NASCAR drivers have. I would love to see a competition of each type of driver in each type of car. On average, I'm willing to bet that a NASCAR driver would fare better in a head to head competition. i.e. they are more skilled drivers than F1 drivers.

  • Formula 1 is not racing

    Formula 1 isn't really racing at this point - there is almost no passing for the lead and the best car, not the best driver, will win. If you want actual racing, NASCAR presents a much better and more exciting product. You don't just win by having the best car.

    Posted by: TN05
  • F1 Is Not As Entertaining

    Formula 1 is a gentleman's sport where the leader pulls away and the best car always wins. It doesn't matter who drives the car in the end, because it's always the best CAR. In Nascar, every single aspect of the team matters. Plus, it's just more entertaining to watch. What's better, watching cars race inches apart and "have at it", or cars race many feet apart and not be able to as so much as make contact without fearing a penalty? You tell me.

  • No, it is not.

    Formula 1 is not better than Nascar. That is not to say that Formula 1 is not good, because it is, just different. People might like the way Nascar is done, or might be in it for the specific types of cars. It would unfair to say one is better than the other because they bring different things to the table.

  • F1 is boring

    One time I watched an F1 race and guess who finished 1-2? Mercedes, like always. Another thing to know is that one season in F1 there was 80 passes for the lead in the whole season, NASCAR had a race that had over 80 lead changes in one race. That's just that facts.

  • Mercedes is Over Powered

    Mercedes is the ruin of F1. Its just Mercedes get 1 2 every race that is just boring. The only way Mercedes doesn't win if the crash each other out. In NASCAR there's been like 12 different winners and the racing is close. In formula 1 there's been 3 different winners 2 of them are Mercedes and the racing isn't even close Lewis usually wins by 6 seconds over 2nd. So NASCAR is way better.

  • Safety that is needed

    Nascar has so much more safety. Nascar has things that F1 racing doesn't have, and that makes F1 Racing more dangerous than Nascar. Nascar actually has a roll bar and they are protected so that if they flip over, the roll bar might not fail and crack their neck. Okay

  • F1, nascars bi-sexual brother

    You can say f1 has better technology but nascar is far entertaining. F1 and nascar arent even on the same page in that factor. In mascar you can always see the action because the tracks are smaller (excluding the glen and Sonoma) aka the tracks are ovals and they are better. Also nascar has way better sponsors, sure you have you're Rolex or whatever but i don't see any of you're racers rocking a vehicle sponsored by Microsoft or Pepsi, Energizer, coca cola, axe or Mountain Dew .

  • F1 is better than Nascar.

    Both are an amazing kind of racing, but F1 is more demanding not only on skills, but also on physics and phsicological limitations and technological development, allthough, since the first National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing race I saw, NASCAR is way better TV show than Formula 1. A lot to learn to F1 in that aspect. (Not an english speaker so sorry for my mistakes)

  • NASCAR is and always will be the great American Motorsport!

    First of all, is F1 faster than NASCR? Sure. Is it more exciting? Heck no. F1 spends an ungodly amount of money on their race cars, at about 5-6 million dollars on their cars. But, NASCAR isn't exactly on the bench, either. They spend about 2-3 million dollars on their cars. In F1, the pole position winner almost always wins the race. In NASCAR, they race in packs at Daytona and Talladega and pass CONSTANTLY. NASCAR is much more competitive than F1, especially since F1 drivers probably have never heard the term "drafting" before. The only time F1 is better is on the road courses, but even then they don't pass. Now, what is really exciting is Indycar. The best of both worlds, in my opinion. F1's speed with NASCAR's oval racing. Can't get much better than that.

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