• It is a sport by definition.

    Sport: An activity (the condition in which things are happening or being done) involving physical exertion (effort) and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

    So the criteria for a sport is:
    Is it an activity? Yes
    Does it involve physical effort? Yes, Though not much.
    Does it involve skill? Yes
    Individual or team? Yes
    Against one or more opponents? Yes
    For entertainment? Yes

    Therefore, F1 is a sport.

  • Its a sport

    Im seeing a lot of "they have to train" and "you need skill" all of which are true, But not a convincing argument. So. The argument of "its just driving a car and the car does all the work" ill say that a hockey players stick does all the work for them. The car in formula one is simply a piece of equipment just as a tennis racquet, A golf club, A hockey stick etc. Is. Driving an f1 car is extremely physically demanding as taking a corner at 300km/h is strenuous on the body and can create upwards of 3. 5g's, And drivers also need to be able to keep a level head while doing so. They also have to juggle a million things in the midst of a race such as gear changes, Braking zones, Engine temperatures and wear, Typer pressure and temperatures, Which is extremely mentally demanding Just because the drivers aren't running around and moving their bodies doesn't mean they aren't athletic while doing their sport.

  • All Motorsport including F1 is a sport

    The definition of a sport is

    "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment"

    F1 involves competing both as a team and as an individual.

    F1 requires skill, you need to know the track inside out in order to be able to make it around in the quickest possible time and you also need to be able to correctly set up your car for the same reason, both of these things require skill.

    F1 involves physical exertion, for those of you who argue that F1 is just sitting in a car, you are wrong, F1 drivers have to regularly withstand upto 3.5g and drivers sweat around 3.5 litres of water.

    In short F1 ticks all the boxes necessary to make it a sport.

    Posted by: sssb
  • It is a sport

    A sport is entertainment while also competing against other individuals or teams or the like. Formula 1, and in motorsport in general, requires incredible amounts of exercise, focus, and determination to actually compete, or do successfully. Formula 1 requires more exercise than almost any other sport in the world. Most people argue "whats so hard about sitting in a car and turning a wheel?' now for driving a car to work for example, doesn't take exercise at all. But racing is a TOTALLY different story. Do your research people, and you will agree Formula 1, or motorsport, is an actual sport

  • Elements that not always are counted

    Formula One is much more than just Cars racing against each other in a circuit for an hour and a half and that's it. It's more than that. All the training that the drivers make before a weekend, composed by physical training, the correct diet, and a huge level of concentration, makes us know, that F1, is more than just racing for the finish line

  • It Just is

    In Formula One it involves a lot of physical activity and a lot of strain on the drivers necks. Not your Normal Jeff could jump in an F1 car and to really well it involves a huge amount of physicality and training. Lets be honest it is a sport. Yeah.

  • Formula one is a sport

    Because you need to get in shape if you want to participate . So it does consider a sport . If you are not in shape you wont fit in the car specially when they put the iron pipe in the car for safety and by the way NASCAR is a sport so why people say that formula one is not a sport

  • Yes it is

    It has all of the similarities of different sports and it is also one of the best. Athletes have to train which is what the drivers do and for those that claim the car does the work then surely Equestrian activities aren't a sport as the horse does the work?

  • Formula One Racing is a sport because NASCAR is a sport too.

    Formula One should be considered a sport since it involves precise movement with the steering wheel. Drivers could die when they crash because of their open cockpit. Formula One pit crews need exercise too. They need to keep healthy so that they can change tires and win the race. NASCAR is a sport, so Formula One should be a sport too.

  • It is a sport!

    All the People say that car is doing All the work but it doesen't. . . Oh wait the chess is a sport? How is f1 not then? ! They have to be fit, They have to be prepared metaly etc. If a normal guy sits in f1 car he would wake UP in pain next morning. . .

  • F1 is not a sport

    F1 is not a sport because the people don’t run the race the car dose it fro them and the people might have trained but u can’t train a car u build s car for a purpose so if the people did the race then it would be a sport.

  • No it's not

    Because it's the mechanics that win the races, not the drivers. If everyone had the same car and raced, then yes we could say without proof that the most talented driver won and yes it's a sport. It's like getting 2 football teams to play, one in normal boots one in concrete boots. Who would win? Exactly.

  • The sport is Motorsport

    NFL is not a sport. Nor is NBA.
    Playing in either competitions is participating in a sport but the organisation itself is not a sport.
    F1 is a category of the wider world of motorsport.
    F1 was never a sport and never will be so stop calling it that please

  • F1 is not a sport

    It is just driving round a circuit. Anyone could do it. If f1 is a sport then my parents are athlete. Its stupid. Its for people who are to scared to play football or an actually physical sport. Uhdf ehfuiode f db uib ju bju bju jg ug ub yubg

  • Trolley racing is also a sport now?

    It is simply ludicrous to state that racing a powerful vehicle against other vehicles that are not of the same class could make it a sport, But lets be clear even if they were it still wouldn't make it a sport!

    There is no physical exerting of the body and if you think just because the racer needs to stay slim and eat healthy that thats somehow a reason to call it a sport? Then I guess we have completely lost the definition of the word 'sport'.

    With all of this said its not to say racing such a fast vehicle isn't an incredibly skilful thing to do, I just think people are reaching too much. How can you honestly compare athletes of other sports to a race driver how can you its so dumb.

  • Who does the work?

    If the only source of energy required to compete is derived from pressing a pedal that activates an engine, Then it probably isn't a sport. While driving skill is certainly involved, The work is provided by a machine with the skills of mechanics wholly critical to the competition.

    Two of the standard requirements for sport - direct physical competition, And a fair playing field, Are both missing.

  • Formula 1 racing is not a sport

    Formula one racing is not a sport because it doesn't for fill the actual definition of sport is a PHYSICAL EXERSION and in driving you are not as a person physically exerting its the car that is doing the work, Yes it may be in a competitive nature however many things could be competitive but it doesn't mean its a sport.

  • Not even close to an athletic achievement.

    If F1 Driver’s are athletes than certainly fighter pilots are as well and so are aerobics instructors. Both require skills and with require intense physical exertion that is beyond that of a race car driver in absolutely every sense. To argue otherwise is simply nonsense. It’s a sporting event much like target shooting but athletes are not involved.

  • Cars play a more important role than drivers

    When racing formula one you race for a team that has a unique car. It is a known fact that some teams have just plain better cars than others. If you were playing soccer and one team had a bigger goal to score on then it wouldn’t be fair. For the people competing to be athletes then they should be the ones causing there teams to win not other factors.

  • The same teams always win

    I never saw a 'sport' where the same team, The same car and the same driver wins all the time especially when the rules get changed every five or six years to benefit that one team.
    Formula One is a car parade bought every six years by a particular sponsor whose wins are guaranteed by the rules enforcing organization.
    I really wonder if it ever was a sport.

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