• Cats are better

    Fortnite is a trap! They want that you buy Skins and other Stuff to don't be a No-Skin, to be a "Pro" (That you aren't) !

    I say stop Playing Fortnite and begin to learn hacking its a great example to show that you can Bypass any AntiCheat!

    And don't forget to watch funny Cat videos!

  • Yes. Just yes.

    I dont like it because im annoyed on how popular it is. But there are plenty of reasons why Fortnite is bad.
    1. Its a bandwagon game. Fortnite got popular because some one thought it was cool and posted a video of it on Youtube. Same with FNAF.
    2. The gameplay is crappy. If your not careful, you could fall though the ground of go though the walls.
    3. It copied PUBG.

  • Cars are better.

    Fortnite is stupid and overrated, play Forza since cars are better. Play Gran Turismo since cars are better. Play Mario kart since cars are better. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and DESERT YOU. NEVR GNNA GVE YU UP, FORZA HORIZON 3

  • No skill needed

    You just spam and it takes no strategy game physics are severley off and tps is extremely low laggiest game ever. Punishes players that are good at aiming by allowin people to spam buildings also you can only by cosmetics noy game improving features. Fornite is a sorry attempt to reinvent h1z1 and pubg

  • Fortnite is the most overrated game of 2018 maybe even one of the most overrated games of all time.

    Fortnite Battle Royale is a terrible game. It's just a third person cartoon Call of Duty with a storm and building. I really wish all my classmates would stop talking about it ALL THE TIME. What ever happened to decent games like GTA 5? GTA 5 and Fallout 4 are great games but sadly people ignore these games nowadays and just obsess over the Fortnite, the most overrated game of late 2017 and early-mid 2018.

  • Its cancerous and austitc

    Why is it? The fanbase gets triggered when you admit its terrible. This game is a rip off of minecraft and pubg. Its like the fnaf of 2018. Fortnite is basically a fidget spinner. It will evenally die off and no body will talk about the stupid game. Thats that

  • An unoriginal idea

    Fortnite is just another shooter game with no new features within it. It would be more fun to play if it had more game-play then pretty much every other shooter game I mean, look at Splatoon, its another shooter game but more game-play features then other shooter games like Fortnite

  • It's just overrated

    Fortnite is one of if not the most overrated game of 2018. It's just PUBG but in the future and is overall a 5/10 game for me. The game is fun to play, but I hate the gameat the same time because everyone DOES NOT SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT!

  • 100% Absolutely Yes. It’s Horrible.

    Oh man, where do I start? Everything about it is just absolute garbage. For starters, the game itself is not fun. It never has been, and yes, I have tried it. The game is repetitive, bland, boring, and entirely RNG-based. Not only that, but the only thing that sets it apart from other BR games is building, and the building sucks too. But, moving away from the game itself, we come to the real juggernaut. The real thing that makes this game a gift from Satan himself. The absolutely horrible, appallingly cringeworthy community. The 10 year olds screaming about their wins in public. The people (INCLUDING GROWN MEN) doing fortnite dances also in public because they think it’s cool. The worst part is the braindead idiots of the community eat this stuff up. They think it’s cool and funny to do fortnite dances in public places. Anywhere I go I can’t stop hearing “fOrTnItE iS gReAt HoW mAnY wInS dO yOu HaVe” and its horrible. I make my opinion on fortnite very clear to my friends, who are all infected with the virus that is the game, that I hate fortnite, and because of my stances on the game, the world has been a living hell for me since January. As I type this on my phone, my brother is sitting across the room playing fortnite, and it deeply saddens me to know that even my own family is not safe from this infectious disease of a game. People have changed fortnite from a game into a lifestyle. A lifestyle of playing the horrid game, listening to rap music and thinking it’s great, and then going around talking about how “savage” they are. And that scares me. Something as simple as a crappy PUBG ripoff turned into the worst way possible to live your life. And I’m worried that if the game doesn’t die out soon, it’s only going to get worse.

  • So really addicting

    Fortnite is pretty bad but what makes it worse is because when you start playing you get so addicted its like smoking and then all you talk about is fortnite all you think about is Fortnite i think they should just delete Fortnite that would save so many people also people buy so many v-bucks that some might even steal credit card to buy more. I say NO MORE FORTNITE

  • No! It is not bad.

    Kids like it because its awesome, They can win games and the can get V bucks. Another reason is kids like it because it has dance moves and avatar skins for Fortnite and Fortnite is a really fun game i even think Fortnite is an amazing game for kids. THE END!

  • Fortnight is good

    Fortnight is a free shooter game that adds in the idea of being able to construct your own defences as well as a story mode that has an interesting story. Anyone who complains about fortnight have probably not actually played the games and if so have not played the actually game therefore cannot give an opinion on the entire game

  • It's the community.

    For all the people saying PUBG is better, I respect your opinion. But the Battle Royale genre was not created by PUBG. The beauty of Fortnite is that it incorporates creativity with the build feature, and prompts very unique plays. The graphics are very simplistic and appeal to a very wide variety of audiences. The emotes and skins are fun. The reason Fortnite is getting a bad rap from many people is that the popularity has attracted a very bad community. Clickbaiters all over YouTube, making tons of money of off stolen content, and wasting people's time. PUBG players that are salty of the shift of popularity to Fortnite. People that talk of the game nonstop. These are just a few examples of the kind of people that ruin the fun of the game. Fortnite isn't a bad video game. Maybe its all the attention that's bringing all the haters. Who knows? But to say that it's bad just goes to show that either you're a PUBG player that's salty that your game isn't as popular anymore, or you have no access to the game and are salty that you can't join in on the fun.

  • The game is good

    1.) First all popular games are a bandwagon. One popular streamer or youtuber plays it and others watch and think "Hey that looks pretty fun maybe i'll give it a go"

    2.) You can't hate a game just cause its popular now can you. What if the game you like becomes popular will you hate that then.

    3.) I know its not filled with gore for all you 20 yr olds but maybe thats because its more marketed towards 10 - 15 yr olds

    so maybe stop bashing everyone that plays the game and start respecting our opinions. Now go have fun playing whatever u play

  • Not bad, but definitely overrated

    I play fortnite and it's a good game to pass time, but other than that there is nothing special about it. The game is a joke graphics-wise compared to something like the super realistic graphics of Battlefield 3, which was released 6 years ago. I definitely would support the "anti-fortnite" movement even if I play it myself. The hype about it is beyond ridiculous, almost satirical even.

  • Fortnite is the worst

    This is because its a shooter game that people play 24/7 fro some reason and they get addicted every where you go fornite this fortnite this did you get some scar what ever. ID you get the gauntlet now they are making players play because they added Thanos to the game which is dumb.

  • No no no

    Fortnite is a good game that can bring people across the world together . Yes i know that ppl talk about it 24/7 but its really fun to play and build and shoot. So fortnite is super amazing but kids shouldnt play it at school because school is for education peace!

  • Really good game

    Fortnite is a good game that needs a lot of skill but does need luck. Ninja uses his bad luck or his luck to his advantage. All the emotes are fun to watch especially the baller and red card. Its a free game but needs to make v-bucks absolutely free.

  • It's just good because it is.

    Yes. Everyone plays it.

    Did anyone wonder if there's a reason for that? Fortnite is an addictive and entertaining game. I personally prefer the story telling of Half Life 2, the intensity of COD Black Ops 3 or the humour of Serious Sam but Fortnite is a fun and easy way to spend an afternoon.
    Is there anything more satisfying then getting out of a very difficult situation with the help of a meanpad? Or dumping a friend from a high point by editing out the stairs they were sitting on?
    So is Fortnite bad? No. Is it great? No. But is it fun and entertaining? Yes.

  • Why should it?

    Yeah people should stop talking about it ALL THE TIME. But some of us do not talk about it but still like to play it with friends. It is free so i can play with friends without all that paying for a game that will only be around for say 8 months.

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TofuSquid says2018-08-23T21:20:51.030
Fornite is a bad game minecraft is good game get sreken fornite noobs

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