• Fortnite is bad. Please ban it!

    Fortnite is a very bad game for children. It causes addiction which is VERY BAD. Although Fortnite doesn't contain blood, It contains violence. Many people including Prince Harry want Fortnite banned. And i agree! This is the main reason why Fortnite is banned in my household. My kids will never put their hands on Fortnite!

  • What do you mean

    Fortnite is not bad for kids because it doesn’t show blood when you eliminate someone. Fortnite renders all damage as cartoony bounces. When one of your bullets land, The result isn’t blood and gore, Just holographic dematerialization. Another reason is not every kid is the best player on their sports team, Not every kid is a top scholar, Not every kid is musically talented, And not every kid is cut out for leadership. For the kids who don’t have these talents, How great does it feel to them to win a Fortnite game and finally find their place? There’s no greater feeling than that.

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