• Fortnite Is better then Roblox.

    I could go on all day why Fortnite is better then Roblox first reason Roblox has terrible graphics like who wants that number 2 you can stick your items and hands through the walls in Roblox like that crap is going to get you banned if you do glitch’s with it. I think that Roblox is worse then minecraft don’t get me started on Minecraft it has terrible graphics toxic player’s and it’s not fun to play the positive sides of Roblox are that there are lots of different games so people don’t get bored and that real all the positive things on Fortnite is they have a really fun creative mode cool skins and lots more. The only positive thing about Minecraft is that you can build houses an in fact that’s the most boring thing ever. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel H1gh K1lls or use this URL if the link is not clickable copy an paste it into the search.
    YouTube URL: https://www. Youtube. Com/channel/UCfaqdiA8MBs4Rd0glCmGr-w? View_as=subscriber

  • Roblox is top tier

    To begin my argument, I would first like to address the reasoning of a tier list accumulated to video game ratings. It is made up purely of different opinions, However it still shows that Fortnite is nothing but a mere fingernail when in comparison of the top 3 video games.
    TOP TIER: 1st. Minecraft. 2nd. Roblox. 3rd. Terraria.
    Middle Tier: 1st. Pokémon. 2nd. Yugioh 3rd. Taiko no Tatsujin
    Bottom tier: 1st. Pantsu Hunter: MTG, PVZ (I want to give pvz a higher rating but its kinda old. . . )
    Again, Completely opinionated, However I have a real argument with actual facts stated. Fortnite does not rate even close to bottom tier, Nonetheless middle or top tier. I rest in my statements.

  • They are 2 entirely different games

    First of all Fortnite is a battle royale game, And Roblox is purely meant for kids to have fun and play a very wide variety of games. And on the other side of the argument you say it has terrible graphics? The reason for that is since it's also built so that anybody regardless of how bad they're system is can play the game, That goes for it's physics as well.
    Fortnite skins, And cosmetics will never match Roblox's.
    Roblox unlike Fortnite has millions upon millions of cosmetic items, And you can customize them too. Unlike Fortnite I can change the body size, Mass, And more very easily.

    And the reason that you can stick your hands through walls is again so that every person can play without using a high end, Or mid ranged PC. I could play Roblox on a Nokia 3310 lol.

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