• Fortnite is gay and its bad lol

    Fortnite is super trash bad, Gay, Non-epic and for gay non-benshapiro supporting libtards. If you like fortnite your a poo poo head. So of course its dieing you poo poo bum bums. I hate fortnite i only liked season 1- 4 you bum bums i hope fortnite burns in you moms vaginy.

  • Minecraft is Better

    There is no doubt that Minecraft is the God of games. Fortnite became popular but it is going to die quickly just like fidget spinners. Minecraft is the King of games and Fortnite is the rotting apple at the bottom of a compost bin. Minecraft doesn't look popular anymore but it is secretly still at the top of the list.

  • Why would it be

    Wow get a life and think of something better to do other than doing this. You are probably bad at the game so you are trying to make people hate Fortnite and stop playing it. Please go and get a life or even go outside and speak to people because you shall hear that Fortnite is not dying and that you are

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