• Omg yes best game ever!

    Fortnite is a totally free game but with costs within. You can play on pretty much anything. It also teaches survival skills, Problem solving, And to adapt(this is so I can get the words needed) jejdndjnfjd did SJSU dirkdn djdndj didjdnc jejdndjf jendnjd jdjdnd djnd. Djekdnnf djdndjd djdnb fjd. Hdud udit

  • Best Game Ever

    If you think about it 125 million kids play this game almost every day. If you did not play this game then you are absolute insane. Even though this game is not that realistic it is fun to play and build. You can even play against your siblings. This game is totally free and no cost at all. You need to get some help if you do not play this game.

  • Fortnite is the best game ever and PUBG is trash

    Who would play PUBG for 30 USD when Fortnite is free and bill shock said Fortnite uses between 50mb and 100mb per hour of play. PUBG is just a bad game and why would you play it PUBG is a waste of time and Fortnite is the best game and does not distract you from your school studiess

  • Fortnite is a good game to play

    Fortnite can help you with real life problems and can help u figure out real life guns and math bc u need certain amount of wood to build and mining trees give you a certain amount of wood and amoo carts give you the amount of ammo u need for your gun to use iron.

  • Fortnite is a very fun and a very skilled based game

    So let me get 1 thing straight before i get into this. I don't REALLY like fortnite tbh. The comunity is toxic, Streamers such as ninja are to egotistcal and think "oh he couldn't have killed me he must be stream snipping. " Not gonna lie I rage alot on this game but less on that and more on how fortnite is fun and skilled based.
    1. The game is kid friendly with its E+ rating along with no blood or cursing (unless it is humans cursing).
    2. People say that fortnite is a purly luck based game but i beg to differ, The game requires things like good acuraccy, Good building skills, And the ability to check your surrounding and know how to pick your fights based off of things like look, Mats, Ammo, Ect.
    3. People say that the game is just a copy of pubg but they are wrong due to the number of diffrences in the game such as graphics, Guns, Map, Cosmetics, Ect.
    4. My final reason is that besides the fact that many parents think their kids are addicted to the game like its a powerful drug (due to many studies we have diducted that there is no addictive properties to the game whatsoever) the game is played so much because it is FUN. The reason kids play the game is because of how much content there is in the game and even if they have seen everything in the game there are still things like easter eggs and the goal of being #1 in the whole game.
    For those of you who have read the whole comment i thank you for your time and hope you have a wonderful day.

  • It's not a bad thing

    I’ve been playing Fornite for around 40 hours now, and not once have I encountered a problem. If I have a bad time, it’s never technical issues getting in the way—I’m probably just sucking. Battlegrounds, though? I swear, half the time I play something goes wrong. Constant crashes. Rubber banding. Inexplicable hiccups. I know that there’s a fantastic game hiding underneath all these issues, but why should I have to suffer through them when I have an option that works the way it’s supposed to?

  • Fortnite is a enriching experience

    I strongly agree that Fortnite is good. If Bugha can win 3 million dollars then everyone can win 3 million dollars. I have researched excessively and professional scientists said that Fortnite cures cancer. It also makes you smarter. It is obfuscated that the perfunctory that Fortnite is a scintillating experience and malaise people to download Fortnite.

  • Fortnight iz vary edgeucasional

    It. Haz inprovedd my granmar n speeling. Eveen moi teacha aggree. Shee iz asian, Ms lee, Trust da asian witha PHD inn video games. Okai, Dass al eye neede to sei but i need to fill word limit. Tan q. Equals sin q over cos q. Fortnite cures cancer, Iss proven by mi asian doctor.

  • Fortnite is better than PUBG

    Fortnite is free unlike PUBG which costs 30 USD, And people can build stuff and break buildings in Fortnite which you cannot do in PUBG. Fortnite gameplay is also faster paced than PUBG as there are less campers and people kill opponents faster as they can destroy structures opponents are hiding in. Fortnite is easier to pick up and also constantly updates the game to add interesting features, Which PUBG does not do as often.

  • I just want this war to be over

    Ok let’s get one thing straight. Fortnite is bad for little kids who scream and punch the wall cuz they came last for the thousandth time but video games have ratings for a reason. Now apart from that I’m on the fence about it. And on one side of said fence is the entire frickin internet treating Minecraft like a god. Truth be told Minecraft is a good game better than Fortnite definitely but people are taking it a bit too far. Apex and Pubg are also good. Try those. Now I play Fortnite cuz I try to have fun but the toxic community won’t let me do that so I’m getting pissed cuz of that but the reason I like Fortnite is because I like to be an open minded gamer and since looking at some season 1-4 footage I have realised that Fortnite nor Minecraft killed the game, It was the community. So Fortnite is not a bad game necessarily it just has a bad community. Just play solos. Just be open minded and play whatever you want to play without anyone telling you otherwise. Please don’t bully people cuz they play Fortnite instead of Minecraft. End the gaming war! Anyway I’m going to bed :)

  • Fortnite is bad

    Fortnite is like um ruining kids um like mids and its bad for health lol and people spend too much ti, Me um on it instead of um excersice and um studies and they loise um sleep by um like playing too much um fortnite and its violent so um yea lol.

  • Literally what happens to my money

    So first of I used to be a fortnite kid now I despise the game. I was addicted during season 3, 4, 5 and the beginning of 6 I thought it was a ok game before that but then in season 3 I started spending money on the game (big mistake) it sucked me into the all I have to own every skin in the game thing which when I started spending so much on fortnite that I didn’t even know of much I was spending after season five I started to relish how much I was spending. I found out that I spent Over $300! On the stupid game I quite right there and then. Whoever spends money on the game quite now it will halo a lot

  • Ha, No. Fortnite sucks.

    I really, Really dislike fortnite as a whole. The gameplay is repetitive, It is unhealthily addicting, And the fanbase. *shivers* It is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of. . .

    . . . A movie! Wow.
    Not only that, It is encouraging YOUNG children to think it's ok to scream and shout at their computers. I have two younger brothers, The youngest being 8, And all he does is scream and punch the wall because he came second place in a match. He also stays up until 1am EVERY NIGHT and his excuse is : "I was just trying to get a victory royale! " It is highly addicting and, Quite frankly, Highly dangerous for young children's health (which is 90% of the people who play it to be honest)

  • They took the best things in the game

    They took the best game modes and the best guns and instead of unvaulting them but no you bring the worst sniper and they have the worst shot gun and in game you have challenges that need a friend and you can't finish them because no one plays the game any more and they didn't fix the switch version ether

  • Fortnite will create the terrorists of tomorrow.

    Because all you do is kill people and then dance about it. Some people say Fortnite is for building structures, But you use those structures to get advantages in battle. Plus, Minecraft is for building and doesn't become a problem between game, And life. Also, Minecraft is not as violent.

  • Good in the old days

    Fortnite was good when it wasn't childish. Now after they added a cat with a human posture, It is sick to looks at. Fortnite is filled with people that always try because their lives depends on it. It is not as fun as it used to be. There are a lot of other games that are better than Fortnite and it worth spending money for.

  • My brother is addicted and he hogs the ps4 also Minecraft is better

    Every day my brother hogs the ps4 at our house playing Fortnite for three hours a day and I never get to use the ps4. Even my step-dad is addicted to it and plays it with him a ton and barely lets me play with the ps4. Also, Fortnite copied Minecraft Hunger Games and stole the money from the Mojang that way. Last but not least, Fortnite is just straight up gay.

  • Fortnite is bad

    Fortnite is a very addictive game, And not in a good way. It has put people in rehab! It also is not creative, Unlike games like Minecraft and Roblox. It's just a game about blowing other players away and finding overpowered guns to kill more players, And the building system is not to be creative, It is so you can make a tower to blow more players away. So, Essentially, Like in my supporting headline, Fortnite is bad.

  • It is horrible

    Its a skill based game that little four year olds playthinking they can make money off of it. Today, You can't even play the f***ing game cause some people have over 100 hours played and are f***ing good at it and are just wasting there times. Go play minecraft you f***ing seven year old cunts!

  • It’s dead bruh

    It’s dead Cyka blyat cyka blyat c c c c d d snd f ds. C f s sf. Fd s d f. S df. De. Df d d. Ss f. D s d d w s f d s s d de s f f a s. S d

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