• They are both pay to win

    They are both pay to win. The games are just pick a gun up. Shoot. Recover. Repeat. Also they are both from games where your team or squad is toxic towards you for dying. Finally, The games both are easy to play and hardly require any skill to win. It is just pick up gun. Shoot. Recover. Repeat.

  • It is the same game just different

    I support the fact that these games are the same because it is just a different name but it is the same tactics so i see no point of 2 of the same game, Who wants the same game but different disc so i don't want to see a game that is the same


    Hey im a feminazi. Video games offend me. They sexualise women and they make them look thiccccccc. Like this so wrong and they should get banned. Fortnite is made by the devil and should be abnned. Lele why is it still here. This game is doo doo and why it exist. Sun strider ass still THICCC

  • Hell to the no.

    They're not even similar. The game styles, The graphics, Their players, Nothing is similar no matter how you try to stretch it. This is an idiotic comparison, And this is coming from someone who has never played Rainbow Six, Sadly I have played the disgrace that is Fortnite. They're not similar, Don't try to make a decent game into a hunk of hot garbage.

  • can't compare rainbow six to fortnite

    Fortnut is horrible XDXDXD it is hitmarkers don't like to count or anything XD but seriously to can't compare rainbow to fortnite beacause rainbow six seige is a tactical shooter that makes you think while fortnite is just buiild shoot beacause it just is i need ten more words and i ran ou of things to say

  • No tho, Just no

    Although I think rainbow is WAAAAAAAAY better than fortnite. They are not the same. Fortnite is minecraft with guns not rainbow. Fortnite= ridiculous updates and screamers, Rainbow is tryhard/rematch me galore. Word amount so: Fortnite is minecraft with guns Fortnite is minecraft with guns Fortnite is minecraft with guns Fortnite is minecraft with guns.

  • Entirely different games

    These games are quite different. There is more to a game than just shooting a gun. In rainbow 6 there are objectives you must defend and it is team based. In fortnite its a horde defense game against a bunch of zombies. Or a battle royale but that's also different.

  • Fortnite is for 10 year olds

    You can't even compare Rainbow to Fortnite. First off in Rainbow you actually have to have a tactic and not just go running around like a retard and hope your building skills can save you. Fortnite is also a 3rd person game while Rainbow is 1st so there is another difference. In Rainbow you also start out at locations and if your on defense you fortify and make the objective harder to get to and if your a attacker you pick certain operators that could counter attack the defenders. In Fortnite you just run around hope you don't meet anybody until you get a good gun. This is why you can't even call Rainbow and Fortnite the same thing.

  • These are two totally different genres.

    Rainbow Six Siege is a FPS tactical shooter that requires teamwork, To be slow and methodical. Fortnite is in third person with cartoon graphics and marketed towards a younger audience. Rainbow Six Siege is marketed towards an older audience. It also has realistic graphics. Rainbow Six Siege has "operators" which are based off real counter terrorists groups. Fortnite is a game were you drop from a "battle bus" and run around building and killing people; your goal is to be the last person alive. Also Fortnite is a much faster pace.

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