• Boi boi boi

    Just because you are bad that dose not mean fortnite is bad u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u trash at fortnite ( said hi for your mom for me

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  • Fortnite Season Four adds a new kick to the game.

    Fortnite has been an amazing part of my life and now there there are superhero bases, crystals that make you jump super high, a crater, new skins, and much more. I do believe fortnite season four is an amazing addition to the already great game. Fortnite Is amazing. Fortnite for life.

  • Its kinda boring

    Just play a good game like Pubg or the new releasing h1z1 ps4 port the games building really makes matches less and they dont say the game is free then you get bullied in game for not paying for extra skins so i would say dont get the game its not worth it

  • Just sliding in and wasting money

    Season 4 is a waste of money just for skins, emotes, and etc. i personally think fortnite is good but seriously overrated and overpriced with the passes, in-game shop deals, and v-bucks. So that's my opinion

    (random stuff): YA DI DA DI DA SLOB ON ME COB.


  • Not as fun.

    Fortnite season four has gone through a drastic amount of 'balance' updates. There used to be an actual skill gap through building and aiming, but now Epic just caters to the new players. The poor, innocent llamas have been nerfed because of people complaining simply due to the fact that they are not skilled enough to compete with the rest of the community. Shotguns have been nerfed as well. Epic is going to find another way to nerf building. The skill gap that used to exist is no longer present.

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