• It is very good

    It is a very good and very fun game, And the game I think is appropriate, And is very unrealistic, So, Therefore, I think parents should let kids play Fortnite, And I would understand if they don't, But they definitely should let their kid play the game fortnite. It is the greatest game CURRENTLY!

  • Not a very good game

    It used to be a good game to have fun with your friends, But it has become very difficult for casual players to fit in with the rest of the players. The map changes have made the game worse as well. The game is also filled with bugs and the servers are very laggy.

  • Fortnight is bad

    I think fortnight is bad because it takes time away from hanging out with friends and family and other relatives as well as grandparents and other people you care about in your life from birth till you die and leave the planet forever and go to heaven to meet jesus

  • This game is not meant for kids and should be banned in every country.

    Fortnite is a sin. You should never play Fortnite because as many of you say - it is very addicting. No one wants to get addicted to a video game because it is as bad as getting addicted to drugs. Please be aware of the situation and play Minecraft because you deserve better. Thank you for hearing out my opinion lads but I have to commit exit now.

  • Not Even Close

    I suppose if you're in the age ranges of 7-14 there's a good chance you'd think so, But from an objective standpoint there are so many better games–the first con above lists a few that I can agree with. Fortnite is really just another iteration of the "we're free-to-play until you waste all the money on your mom's credit card on our shiny skins" kind of game, But is worsened by the fact that its popularity draws in a lot of cringeworthy streamers/youtubers/content creators alike, To the point where its fanbase emulates the same kind of behaviour. 11/10 ign

  • A mediocre game

    The only positive thing about it is that it is free. The graphics are subpar and the forced transaction for skins are lame. If this game costed any money it would not even be a quarter as popular it is.
    Try Chrono trigger super mario world, Halo, Call of duty, Fallout, Half life, Cs go, PUBG
    Even splatoon is a better game.

  • I don't have friends

    As such i cannot have any fun at all because low and behold i have no friends. Probably the best reason to offer. Side note i'm pretty sure this game can breed the worst kids of all time, They are exposed to the people who don't care about kids at all

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