• Fortnite is the greatest and most popular game created

    First of all everyone plays it and if they say that its bad or stupid that is just because they can't play video games or they are insecure about themselves and don't know what to do with there lives. If they could play fortnite you already know that they would be much more happier.

  • Fortnite is great, Addicting, And beutiful

    Fortnite deserves respect so many people play it. So many people built it. It also develops an imagination. You can also learn more about everything on fortnite. SO THOSE OF YOU WHO DISLIKE FORTNITE GO LICK THE BATHROOM FLOOR! Have you guys ever played fortnite? I am asking you "no" people.

  • Minecraft. Case closed

    The funny thing is, Minecraft still has over 10 million more monthly players than Fornite. Not everyone plays it, Mostly because you need a huge computer in order to run it. Minecraft was basically born to play on a potato. Minecraft Hunger Games is the OG, And has been around for much longer than Fortnite has. Plus, If you play Fortnite, You're probably either 9 years old or a squeaker.

  • Boom got him

    Boom kids get mad because i said no to fortnite get recked try hard kids boom get mad little kid sitting at home eating all the chips getting fat boom rosted get mad get recked little kids who need to go out side boom recked your mad now fat kid

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