• Its not bad

    Battle royale may have good players but that doesn't make the game bad, If it was trash players it would be fun. The only difference is that now we have nothing like a glitch to blame our loss on we now blame the game being trash because of our huge egos, Fortnite died when we stopped sending friend requests to good players and started hating on them and blaming fortnite for it all.

  • Everything about battle royale sucks.

    Heres WHY : 1. They steal halo 2. They steal tiktok i hate tiktok but really 3. THEY STOLE Apex 4. They changed everything about the game before a tournament which caused its death 5. Toxic 5 yr olds ruined it to support its death and sweats. 6. THEY MADE OG DEFAULT SKINS A ITEM SHOP SKIN iNCLUDING JONESY im sure tfue agrees he hates this even though i don't watch him anymore 7. There is no real defaults and the last one of all number 8. FORTNITE STEALS FROM EVERY GAME

  • If you're talking about BR, Yes, If you're talking about STW, No.

    I just find BR (Battle Royale) annoying and repetitive, With all the people sweating and barely any map changes aside from the season updates. STW (Save the World), However, Is actually interesting, You got stuff you can always do, Play with other people, And even just grind the occasional season challenges, Which for now, Are YARR! , The Scurvy Shoals Venture Zone, Blockbuster, And Dungeons.

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