Is Fox News a propaganda arm of the Republican Party?

Asked by: progressivedem22
  • Oh absolutely they are!

    Fox news doesn't report news. They report "news" tailored to their needs to support the Republican party. Only things that meet the requirements of the Republican view. It is a classic example of the press framing issues. It is quite bothersome to think that the Fox Network would sink so low to blatantly harass the Democratic party. Some might argue that CNN does the same thing. This may be true but it is nowhere near what Fox does. Fox just uses current events and twists them to meet their needs of Republican advertising.

  • Hope hicks bill shine

    Hope hicks bill shine what else you need. Fox has long been controlled by the republican party. Just listen to what bill oriley used to spew, Until he was fired for lying about his various sexual assaults and creepy office manners. When will the public wake up. When will the people of this country realize they are being played

  • There is no equivalent for the left.

    Fox News, especially post Trump, so relentlessly and consistently praises Trump for successes, papers over failures and tries to twist them into successes, and deliberately omits anything they cannot twist. Their only criticism of the Republican party is when they perceive it to be insufficiently loyal to Trump. They talk about their enemies as evil and prize pundits that will drill their opinions of the news into their viewers over actual journalism that informs them of the facts. There isn't really another side in mainstream media. MSNBC has strayed to the center lately, and the Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN all have a centrist, corporate bent to them, so even if they criticize Trump or Republicans, they do so sincerely, and get upset about the actions of the left just as often. Nothing in mainstream media, not even MSNBC, has ever in history had a leftwing tilt to it like Fox News has a right wing tilt, or non-mainstream sources like the Young Turks have a left-wing one. There is just nothing equivalent to Fox News in size, scope, or depth of partisanship supporting the Democrats. They have several sources that lean in their direction, but none so slavishly devoted to them as Fox News is to Trump and Republicans, and none with such a wide audience.

  • If it’s not patently obvious, then you have you head up your authoritarian follower ass.

    Most white “Christians” have been inculcated to follow authoritarian strong men, ergo the years of Biblical conditioning have primed their countenance toward propaganda that allows them to play the victim/oppressed whom the “evil” State is suppressing and silencing them with any laws that seek equanimity for denizens of a non WASP status.

  • Question is not worded properly

    Fox News is the whole of it and taken as a whole about all you can say is they lean right. However what induced this question and what Ralph Peters was talking about is the political discussion and commentating that is NOT Fox News in body.That would be FOX Cable News. FOX news is the journalistic news core and FOX cable is primarily the propaganda arm.
    The "real" news staff are about as right as CBS is left and that is not propaganda.

  • Fox is Propaganda

    They falsify images, they edit video to remove things like applause when democrats speak, they lie compulsively (remember how they said there was a grand jury empaneled to indict Hillary Clinton? False. They said the FBI would be howling if HRC were not indicted, and then a year latter claim that HRC wasn't indicted because the FBI were all corrupt democrats). They promoted 2 years and a dozen investigations into Benghazi, but never mentioned how many embassies were attacked under Republican presidents, not do they call for an investigation into the American soldiers who died in Niger. Fox is propaganda no different from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

  • Most FOX News is not based on careful investigation, reporting with balanced presentation of different perspectives

    In watching a recent interview in which a Trump supporter was interviewed along side a representative of the Democrats' perspective, the moderator and Trump supporter, interrupted, overspoke, got off topic, started bringing Hillary Clinton into the discussion when the Democrat was saying, we're talking about the elected, present President not a former candidate anymore. I sensed a pre-conceived agenda on the part of Fox News to devalue, disqualify, and just drown out this alternative view. This is similar to what pro-Soviet media used to do before the fall of the USSR when I would listen to it in Germany in the mid-80s. FOX now has all the hallmarks of at best poor television journalism and etiquette and at worst of brazen pro-Trump (not even Republican-- since Mueller is a Republican as are many of his supporters) PROPAGANDA with all of the blurring of truth and fiction that go along with that classification.

  • Roger Ailes was adviser to 3 GOP presidents

    No media outlet has the kind of connections to a single political party that FOX does. Rupert Murdoch is a libertarian. Roger Ailes was an adviser to 3 republican presidents before he died. Just finished Fire and Fury and Trump and RNC officials were constantly meeting with Roger Ailes before he died and Rupert Murdoch to coordinate strategy and messaging. Trump recently met with Sean Hannity and other Fox news people at Mar-a-Lago to discuss issues and followed with an orchestrated theatre about a mass caravan coming over Mexico border and a national guard build up at the border for added emphasis and drama. All to satisfy the FOX NEWS base. The FCC needs to regulate news media like they do advertising. You cannot lie or mislead in advertising and it should be the same with news. A principled and truthful press is essential to a strong democracy. FOX News should come with a warning that it is not real news but opinion.

  • Fox news is often wrong! They've had to retract stories!

    Even former employees call it a propaganda machine! They cater ONLY ro republicans. Everything is viewed through a red filter.
    I tried ro watch but i can't stomach bow god-awful their 'reporting' is.
    It's almost laughable if it wasn't for the fact that they have their viewers brainwashed.
    I know people that watch it so much that the fox logo is etched on to their monitors!

  • Obviously, MSNBC for left

    I agree with them on a lot of issues, but their support of Trump irritates me, as well as their ideas of gun control. I kind of agree on illegal immigration, why should all of the aliens be kept in USA... MSNBC does similar job on the left. Tucker, stop interrupting, especially if you loose a debate

  • Propaganda, Hell No!

    Fox may lean right, yes but just because more people watch them, while liberals get all butthurt because Fox dominates cable news ratings doesn't mean its propaganda. One of their slogans is we report you decide, meaning they report news that is important and you get to decide your own opinion. Is all this clear now?

  • No, to only call Fox News a propaganda arm is blasphemous

    Like Viet said, any news source has it's own bias. While admittedly Fox News leans relatively far right, to only call them a propaganda arm is just plain wrong. As multiple posters has mentioned CNN, I'd like to talk about MSNBC and say that MSNBC has become just as bad if not a worse offender than Fox News. Furthermore, Fox News does try to obtain a more balanced view by hiring liberal analysts to debate on TV. That's what Juan Williams is for!

    In conclusion, to call Fox News a propaganda arm without looking at the other side basically shows that you have a decisively liberal mindset from the start.

  • No each news outlet has it's own pro-party bias

    Just as Fox News clearly has a pro-Republican bias and favors them implicitly all the time, other news outlets, like NY Times and sometimes CNN, have a liberal, pro-Democrat bias, esp. In opinions section on political/social/economic issues on NYT Thing is, Fox's bias and pro-Republican stance is overt and easy to detect, whereas other pro-Democrat outlets have their Democrat bias, rhetoric etc in a more nuanced, less aggressive, less blunt, and in a "so and so is a social cause" manner, which is less objectionable due to it's style than, say FoxNews' "Obama has done this/that".

    Posted by: Viet

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