• Absolutely Fair & Balanced

    I get my news from Fox because they are fair and balanced. They confirm the story before reporting. They have commentators from both sides and debate. I love my Fox News regardless what all those other news media reports. So many out there trying to put the spin on but I am fully confident that I am getting the REAL news at Fox. Just saying

  • Facts say it all

    There is a HUGE difference between facts and opinions. A journalist is supposed to just give the facts one what the see or hear and it should be followed up by investigating what they are told to be an actual fact. I also do my own investigating to discover facts and truth. Many times FOX hits the nail on the head with the truth and real facts, and that's why some people hate them.

  • Yes. For instance,

    CNN reported that Nancy Sinatra was “not happy” Trump’s first inaugural dance to her dad's “My Way.” She reacted, “Why do you lie, CNN?”

    CNN tweeted that Sean Spicer received from staffers several Super Soakers after Melissa McCarthy’s impression of him on Saturday Night Live. Spicer called it “fake news” and untrue.


  • Clinton was unable to buy them, like she has every other news outlet

    I have been a lib my whole life,until Ferguson Mo two years ago.That's when I started hearing the most intelligent fair minded commentaries and information on Foxnews. I think the average conservative is much more on top of things than the average LIberal. IE,ask 10 pot smokers which way they lean,and Ill bet 9 of them say liberal...Liberals don;t really care about or have the brain capacity/interest to really educate themselves in a totally unbiased way.All you have to do is watch Fox and then watch any other news outlet and see how skewed mainstream news outlets are.

  • Yes, it is accurate.

    I'm a liberal, but to be fair, Fox News is not "unreliable." The people who are calling such a big & very real news force "unreliable" are generally those who want to silence every form of opposition to their own opinions. YES, Fox News is conservative & focuses on issues that are related to conservative ideals. It's definitely no secret- but they are not false.

  • Fox News is much more reliable than other News outlets.

    Fox much more reliable than other news outlets..Like NBC,ABC,CBS, CNN,and MSNBC. They tell it like it is,and as far as being bias...No more than NBC,ABC,CBS,CNN,and MSNBC, and the aforementioned news outlets are bias, and lean to the liberal democrat side. All news outlets need to all stop being bias, and tell the truth.

  • Call's it Like it is.

    When comparing online and other traditional media outlets and sources, Fox News is more fair and balanced than any other media source. They actually fact check their work and wait for facts to come out. The difference is also many online sources don't fact check and just use a headline to bash anyone who disagrees with them. Many use headlines as a source of propaganda more so than what people say about Fox. In conclusion many online sources such as Media Matters and Yahoo News, as well as other networks such as CNN and MSNBC are more of a propaganda piece for the Left while Fox represents a fair and balance perspective, which is almost unseen in American News.

  • What's the alternative?

    Fair and balanced says it all. Let me be honest and say I am more of a conservative than a liberal. However, before deciding what I am, I took the time to read the facts, do my own policy research for MONTHS on end, and verify sources and facts like crazy. I then started watching, listening to, and reading news articles from every source.

    The one thing I noticed is that all the other major news outlets ESPECIALLY on TV are full of lies, manipulation of facts, leaving facts out, assumptions, bashing of female and black conservatives, and flat out MORONS. I look at both sides and respect all opinions, I also am one of those few individuals that can admit when I'm wrong, and I am still fresh enough into politics without outside influence that I can say both ways; but Fox news is the only outlet that doesn't make me sick to watch.

    Sick to watch? Really dude? You may ask this; yes, sick to watch. Let's look recently since Americans have short memories: Michael Brown. Every news outlet on TV flat out jumped on that officer's ass "His hands were up DON'T SHOOT" and "He needs to be arrested, thrown in jail, and throw away the key." etc. Fox news "We need to wait for the facts to come out." and they even did research "The guy saying hands up don't shoot is a friend of Michael Brown and has a record of lying to the police, we need to wait for the investigation to complete." What happens? The cop was right and the mainstream media ruined his life.

    There's a reason they call it the Lame-Stream media these days. There's also a reason why Fox News beats every other news outlet in ratings.

    Don't knock it before you try it.

  • Yes, if you enjoy conservative propaganda.

    If your goal is to strengthen your conservative agenda then fox news is the best source for your money and time. All media outlets use propaganda to persuade their customer base. The only time I'd watch fox news is from 1300-1400 when the four ladies wearing short dresses are hosting the panel on mute. Otherwise, it's painful to listen to the conservative propaganda.

  • FOX News IS Accurate

    Many news outlets, no matter how much they don't like FOX News, agree to it's honest and correct reporting of issues (though mostly Republican and conservative based). I'm assuming that punditfact based their info on opinion and editorial blog articles - something FOX News website has a lot of and isn't considered real news.

  • The statistics say no

    According to punditfact, nearly 60% of all statements that Fox has ever made are Mostly False or worse. In relation to other legitimate news stations, it has the worst accuracy rating of all with just 11% of statements being completely true. CNN has an accuracy rating of about 80% or better, making it the most accurate news source. CNN also tends not to lean towards either political party, however does tend to agree with whatever the government's views are.

  • News sources are unreliable

    Most news sources are not very reliable, especially those relating to science. I typically refuse to even click on a link on my search engine that is from fox news. They think that global warming isn't caused by humans, or isn't real at all, even when the overwhelming evidence says otherwise.

  • NO, you're falling for it.

    Anyone who asks this is very far behind in understanding what is going on. I urge you to think rationally and don't accept ANYTHING on tv as relevant to life. FOX, CNN, doesn't matter- everything is controlled by the same people that are filtering information to gain an advantage. They rely on confused/weak people supporting their hate message. It's a power play, these television stations are hoping you waste your time watching, and even they think you're stupid for believing them.
    People should be smarter than this! I'm sorry I feel so scared for us when I hear these questions!

  • THE fake news

    Right wing wacko news for dumb people. I'm not a republican or democrat, I have a brain and decide issues for myself based on several different sources of information. Everybody that I know that's a RWW they just spew whatever rush pill popper tells them. Really very sad that trustworthy news is hard to find, but some people don't even look

  • It's stupid and biased

    Fox news only exists to serve as an alternative news source for conservativves who want to hear things that aren't talked aboout normally, and for good reason. Their still going on about Clinton's emails, even though Clinton isn't even relevant anymore. They used that as a deflection tactic whenever somebody tries to say anything bad about Trump.

  • No credibility at all

    There are hundreds of independent newspapers around the world that often tell the same story, except Fox. If that were true that would make for one helluva conspiracy. It makes no logical sense to think that way. None. Plus, many other papers will link to sources, but Fox does not. They use really loaded headlines and most of their base Doesn’t read past that part or only listen to opinion shows. Their actual news stories are usually pretty accurate and good journalism. It’s those loaded clickbait headlines that are a problem. I never get my news there.

  • No Major American News Outlet is to be trusted.

    Let's be real here. Fox is an awful place to get unbiased and accurate information. CNN is not either. If you look at the current state of American politics you will realize that getting unbiased information from American outlets is impossible. Look for news articles from other western countries to get the facts, and then decide for yourself of news from American outlets is reliable. CNN and Fox use loaded terminology and are without a doubt biased towards their respective political ideologies. Read articles from all different sources and decide for yourself what the facts are.

  • Studies show that

    Fox news have been wrong countless times, and is EXTREMELY republican. One study said that people who didn't watch the news were better than those who watched Fox, as they usually lie, and so it's better to not watch anything than be misinformed. All in all, I'm not saying all news reporters for Fox news are terrible, or that CNN or the New York Times is always right, I'm saying they are usually right compared to Fox news.

  • CNN at it's core

    Chet Collier (Co-developer of Fox News Network) said this "Viewers don't want to be informed; they want to feel informed"....This "informed feeling" as opposed to actually being informed with the truth is downright scary, it influences the culture of our great country and is what Fox is all about at its core. CNN is left leaning (not good either), CBS in the middle. Be a seeker of truth.

  • No, not even close

    For starters, the Network has repeatedly floated Right wing Conspiracy theories, such as no go zones, Deep State, Ground Zero, Obama being a Muslim, etc. The network has also repeatedly engaged in race baiting. Furthermore, Politifact fact checked FOX News and found less than half of their content is accurate. So no, don't even think it's accurate for a second.

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